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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Chon – Story | Audiotree Music Festival 2017

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Chon – Story | Audiotree Music Festival 2017

CHON performs “Story” at the Audiotree Music Festival, September 23, 2017 in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

ATMF Playlist: http://bit.ly/2Fj3Hdg

Learn more at: http://www.audiotree.tv/atmf

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35 Responses

  1. meena chan says:

    If i had that guitar I would never put it down

  2. This was the first song I heard by Chon, and I've been in awe ever since.

  3. Audio tree responded to me holy shit lol. Really cool fest sadly too far because I'm in CA

  4. OMG where is this Fest? I hope it's in CA USA. But I don't think it's there since I have been to almost every fest there so not likely.

  5. Romano says:

    Sounds nice but I can't tell their songs apart.

  6. andrew salas says:

    im feeling that necrophagist shirt

  7. Massive respect for sounding damn near like the album, except the improvised solo was better than the albums in my opinion. And they only used combo amps too, no fancy pa system. Hardly ever see that anymore

  8. hahaha necrophagist shirt, what a fucking nerd! i love it!


  10. says:


  11. So do they just pick a random basist every now and then or whatup?

  12. Necrophagist tee wins a million extra points!

  13. Leohang Rai says:

    Damn, that Necrophagist Shirt!

  14. Dear Audiotree, please get your ish together and upload the whole concert.

  15. is this band still active? im sorry i just heard their song recently and i love it

  16. SiGuy says:

    I vibed outta my own skin

  17. s7thSon says:

    i hope Drew comes back very soon

  18. Jajajaja pelaos, high as fck😂

  19. tigerjohns0n says:

    This is Obama’s favorite chon song

  20. Manboyy says:

    ooh chill ass band wearing a fucking necrophagist shirt… that’s great 🤘😂

  21. That positive music that helps start a day off sooooo right!

  22. WTF here r ppl asking what’s the name of the band, the fucking tittle says the name of the band 🙃

  23. Chad Johnson says:

    Erick has almost completed the transformation to Thomas Erak

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