FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Cambridge Folk Festival 2016 – Highlights

Including Darlingside, Gogol Bordello, Glen Hansard, Sam Kelly & The Lost Boys, Mike & Ruthy Band, Imelda May and Applewood Road. My personal highlights from this year’s festival. If you made it this year, I’d love to know who you enjoyed most.
Darlingside, Sam Kelly & The Lost Boys, Della Mae and Stick In The Wheel were my favourite discoveries. Wildwood Kin won me over at the Saturday sessions, so went to see their full set. I loved the powerful Glen Hansard and Gogol Bordello double bill on the Friday this year. Applewood Road were haunting, their REM cover is incredible. The Iniquity Sessions at the Den were amazing as always, and offered some surprises, but it was hard to get footage in the dark – I did manage to get a video of blues singer Danny Wyer as I ended sat right next to where he was performing and also caught his set at the Ely sessions. Other highlights – Mike & Ruthy Band, O’Hooley and Tidow, Megson, Lady Maisery and Imelda May.