FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Broccoli City Festival Recap (Featuring Childish Gambino & Lil Wayne)

Check out my playlist of other concerts I went to sorted by genre: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLybZQhTI9C2c5YV2VWkZF2R8NaLNcaWUa
0:09 YBN Cordae
1:00 Lil Baby & Gunna
1:39 Lil Wayne
5:52 Childish Gambino (Atavista intro)
8:12 Algorythm
14:24 WorldStar
16:13 Boogieman outro
16:46 Riot
18:06 Human Sacrifice
19:34 This is America
22:06 3005
23:25 Sweatpants
24:51 Redbone

Sorry if you are off-put by the number of videos I take at shows. I honestly just really enjoy being able to relive my experience after the fact so much that when a concert is this good I can’t help but want to capture it. I am not making these to show off to others, I make them so I can relive the experience and I can let others share in it if they feel so inclined.