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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Bloodstock Festival 2018 – Countdown Trailer

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Bloodstock Festival 2018 – Countdown Trailer

Bloodstock Open Air 2018 – Metal Festival – Countdown Trailer !

Judas Priest – Gojira – Nightwish – Emperor – Cannibal Corpse – At The Gates – Alestorm – Kamelot – Devil Driver – Combichrist – Fozzy and many more artists to be announced.

Have you got Your ticket ? – visit http://www.bloodstock.uk.com


10 Responses

  1. nepali rocks says:

    Jay underside…jay nepal

  2. Holyhesk says:

    Isnt this lineup a bit weak? I mean Judus Priest is the only big name. Nightwish and Gojira don't even feel like headliners. If you look at the French equivalent festival Hellfest it looks way stronger. Priest , Avenged and Maiden headlining plus bands like Limp Bizkit, Stone Sour, Megadeth, and Parkway Drive also on the bill

  3. Agnes Hall says:

    Brilliant song Dead Label!!

  4. MetMus12 says:

    Such bounty of awesomeness AND the colossus that is GOJIRA!!!…. first timer, can't wait m/

  5. King Pavel says:

    One second of having a god tier band over my face

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