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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Billie Eilish – Reading Festival 2019 (Full Set)

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Billie Eilish – Reading Festival 2019 (Full Set)

2019.08.24 Little John’s Farm, Reading, England

Billie Eilish Live at Reading Festival 2019

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33 Responses

  1. 0:00 intro
    1:49 bad guy
    5:13 my strange addiction
    10:17 you should see me in a crown
    13:54 idontwannabeyouanymore
    19:03 copycat
    22:52 wish you were gay
    26:40 xanny
    30:15 all the good girls go to hell
    33:05 ilomilo
    35:45 bellyache
    39:02 ocean eyes
    44:36 when the party's over
    47:52 bury a friend

  2. The Red Wave says:

    this ain't pit music. you need pantera or slayer. what a joke

  3. she has the wrong kind of voice for shows like this

  4. Артур says:

    Грудь у нее шикарная!

  5. Когда она пела 1 песню было такое ощущение было что она заболела) А ПОТМ ПРОСТО ВЗОРВАЛА ВСЕХ


  6. MrMatthew says:

    "Open up a pit" Cringey AF

  7. I remember the nirvana reading concert…

  8. она не умеет петь, одноразовая певица.

  9. Why does she sound like she’s from the hood when she talks lol

  10. Eithel Mora says:

    Billie Eilish is what you get after 17 years of living in the brainwash culture

  11. Kit says:

    what a sad world with music like this shit music. i wonder what piece of shit likes this kind of crap.

  12. She’s dressed like a monster energy drink

  13. when did whispering become singing

  14. 💩💩💩😂playback.

  15. мда, это пиздос. Сколько дебилов

  16. GivenSpade says:

    mosh pits at pop shows are fucking cancer, quit disrespecting metal with this shit.

  17. GivenSpade says:

    why is in my fucking recommended

  18. N says:

    Reading always has the craziest crowd

  19. Jordan White says:

    Most overrated no talent self absorbed weirdo ever

  20. ArchImage says:

    Damn they know how to have fun 😀 10:00

  21. looks like you need a third person on the instruments, i can play piano hit me up. awesome show

  22. She is not a great singer but I respect her more than any DJ, because she is at least actually performing something on a stage. gratz!

  23. This is not a music man. İ can not believe that many people were there just incredible.

  24. fragment7 says:

    a brand new product. unfortunately

  25. Oliver says:

    how can music me be so shit

  26. Didn't expect her to ask everyone for a circle pit hahahaha. Fuck yeah

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