FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Berg – Arvore Da Vida Festival Highlights

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Berg Live Set @ Arvore Da Vida Festival, Sao Paulo – Brazil 17.11.2018
Arvore Da Vida lineup included: Talamasca, Bliss, Bizarre Contact, Outsiders, Ranji, Electric Universe, Outside The Universe, Capital Monkey, Indra & more…
Video by: Wise Monkeys

Tracks by Berg: http://bit.ly/2KChKNd
Berg Live: http://bit.ly/1Z5egmG
Berg Mixes & Sets: http://bit.ly/1PMS1kT

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Berg (Shlomi Berg) has entertained hundreds of thousands of followers around the world. His performances encompass a half-dozen of the world’s most acclaimed and massive dance parties, including Tribe Festival, Xxxperience, Dreamstate, Sonoora, ASOT, Equinox, Tam Tam, Unity and Equinox Festival.

Berg has been consolidating his own style of Progressive Psytrance & Offbeat based on the desire to mix different sounds that inspired him, being able to take it to a new level which gave him the chance to collaborate with different artists such as Neelix, Symphonix, Capital Monkey, Major7, Skazi, Blastoyz, just to name few.

His tracks were released in labels like Spin Twist Records, Blue Tunes, Synergetic Records, Kearnage & Armada.

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