FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Australian Blues Music Festival 2000, Goulburn, Highlights

Australian Blues Music Festival 2000, Goulburn, Highlights.
A 2 hour highlights reel of snippets from the 2000 Australian Blues Music Festival at Goulburn.

Phil Manning 00:00:00
Whose Muddy Shoes 00:03:19
Kate Meehan Band 00:06:02
Lil Fi 00:15:09
Lil’ Fi featuring Doc Span, Ross Williams, Dirk Dubois 00:16:29
Pete Cornelius & The DeVilles 00:18:26
Kerrie Sweeney with Michael Salstrom, Don Hopkins, Ron Ind, Steve Vickers, Danielle Wilson 00:25:11
H30 (Tony, Chris & Craig Howard, Steve Osborne) 00:28:13
Kristina Olsen 00:31:04
Little Fi with The Vibrolators & Stephen O’Connell 00:31:40
The Vibrolators with Kristina Olsen & Stephen O’Connell 00:33:05
Blues in the Park 00:35:33
Doc Span & Ross Williams 00:36:38
Jeff Cripps, Geoff Bell, John Gannon 00:43:30
The Hippos 00:45:55
The Hippos with Shirley Smith and Ewan Sommerville 00:46:37
Peter Harper 00:47:54
Kate Meehan Band 00:49:00
Steve Plater 00:49:43
Salty Dog Band 00:50:17
The Vibrolators 00:52:53
Ray Hoff with Johnny Green’s Blues Cowboys 00:56:23
Johnny Green’s Blues Cowboys 01:00:08
Cold Comfort 01:03:58
Collard Greens & Gravy 01:06:14
2000 Chain Awards 01:14:17
The Mojo’s 01:38:53
The Vibrolators, with Stephen O’Connell 01:46:28
The Vibrolators with Shirley Smith 01:50:20
The Vibrolators 01:53:27

Cold Comfort are Wayne Leffler – vocals, John Gahagan – guitar, Mark Wells – bass, Phil Spiller – keys, Peter Clarke – drums. Not Darryl Jacobs and Peter O’Neill as credited in video footage

Kate Mehan Band is Kate Meehan – vocals, Neil Boland – guitar, Ron McLaughlin – bass, Kagiso ‘Nick’ Sobott – sax, Jeff Cripps – drums

Some names where not known have been omitted on the video credits.


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