FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: ArcTanGent Festival 2016 Highlights

We headed off to ArcTanGent Music Festival 2016 for a weekend of celebrating the release of our first EP, watching some of the artists who inspire us and finding new inspiration. Here are some clips from some of the artists we saw. All in all, an amazing festival and we’ll be back next year. For fans of post-rock, math-rock, alt-rock.

You can download or listen to our EP by clicking your preferred method on http://www.oldernar.com

This video was made by members of Post-rock band Oldernar – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEL4Pkc09x8


11 thoughts on “FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: ArcTanGent Festival 2016 Highlights

  1. So amazing to see such a different take on the festival. I think I was beside you for Alma. That second TTNG song was immense as was La Dispute. I sincerely hope you didn't miss Three Trapped Tigers… among so many others.

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