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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Andrew Rayel Live at Ultra Music Festival 2018 (A State Of Trance Stage)

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Andrew Rayel Live at Ultra Music Festival 2018 (A State Of Trance Stage)

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45 Responses

  1. When I watch beautiful people dancing on trance like this, it always give me hope for the future!

  2. Awesome, awesome…. !!!!

  3. 10:59 The Melody !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with NWYR is so satisfying

  4. AMIR HANIF says:

    Please release the intro i can't wait

  5. Yooo this set is 🔥 boi

  6. EDM Media says:

    Holy shit! Fucking amazing set Andrew!

  7. Andrew Rayel & Corti Organ & Max Cameron – New Dawn

  8. Блин, насколько же все таки классный трек сделанных Binary Finary, Андрей без обид))
    Смотрю на таких фестивалях в основном жесткая музыка, ты ведь вроде любишь спокойную? Senta 550 только чего стоит)

  9. А кто нибудь видел/слышал хоть раз чтобы ДиДей ошибся хоть раз своими крутилками?

  10. Ди джей то достойный-зрители трансвеститы все чёт…

  11. steven rubio says:

    God dam theirs a reason why ARMIN signed him to ARMADA!!! Godly!!!

  12. I can't find that 28:00 track please some one tag me a link

  13. Nick X says:

    Just went to my first rave and he was the main artist, now I can’t get enough of his music.

  14. Sonia H.M says:

    solamente 5 días para ver tu hermosa música👌en vivo at Road to Ultra Perú.🇵🇪🙋

  15. Todaay im going to ANDREW RAYEL'S Partyyyy in Besiktas 😎😎

  16. hartono plg says:

    thanks to u for u friends

  17. Bienvenido otra vez dios del trance a Perú

  18. rabiesidani says:

    35:18 "Raise those flags" then climbs to do the Illuminati hands sign. illuminaties uniting the world with music, wink wink 😉

  19. Mbx R says:

    I heard him play at ile soniq in montreal and he really killed it!! He deserves to be at the main stage at ultra

  20. Larry Choo says:

    50.12 – 50.55 – Chukiess & Whackboi x Boris Foong – KYRAT !

  21. 林政傑 says:

    tears almost dropped when listening to binary finary 1998

  22. This is your best Ultra set in years. Fuckin killed it. Can’t wait till you’re here in Fresno for Electric Fairy Tale! 🙌🏼

  23. Tyo BMP says:

    Amazing trance set!! 😘 Good job bro🙋🙋🙋💃💃💃💃

  24. Marta Baena says:

    Great video, it catches the emotions! Have you missed it? Check out some of the best festivals around the world in 2018 https://wavefindyourfriendsblog.com/2018/06/08/best-music-festivals-of-the-world-for-all-tastes Thank you!

  25. nnn 77777778 says:

    1й трек просто шедевр

  26. Rebirth of big room trance is back.

  27. who created so beatiful remix?
    Andrew Rayel ft. Lola Blanc – Horizon (ID Remix)

  28. mike pitbull says:

    44:00 what is that? i love it!! 🙂

  29. Diego Buuren says:

    What is the name of the first song?? Amazing 💝 what a massive track!

  30. Ian Newman says:

    Omg that first track is insane! I NEED IT

  31. Susumu Moji says:


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