FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: An Indian Tribute to Imagine Dragons’ Believer | by Tushar Lall (Full Video Link Below)

Full Video Link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHvCAOBHY44

Watch The Indian Jam Project’s tribute to the amazing ‘Believer’ by Imagine Dragons. Tushar Lall launched The Indian Jam Project to promote Indian classical instruments and has recreated iconic film scores and music tracks. This tribute highlights the versatility of Indian classical instruments like the Sitar, the Tabla, the Sarangi and the Harmonium in a rhythmic and soulful composition, while the video captures the spirit of India’s Maximum City: Mumbai


Composed and Arranged by – Tushar Lall (Harmonium)

Musicians –

Sitar 1 – Prasad Rahane

Sitar 2 – Salman Khan

Sarangi – Sandip Mishra

Tabla – Karan Chitra Deshmukh

Drums – Karan Chitra Deshmukh

Video –

Shot and Conceptualised by – Tuhin Mukherjee and Ritvik Tyagi

Edited by – Ritvik Tyagi

Colorist – Jeff Loch

VFX – The NYN (Nayan Tembhure)

Audio –

Mixed and Mastered by – Aftaab Khan

Recorded at Headroom Studios

A big thank you to Samir Bangara and Qyuki for backing this up beautifully!

Thanks to Flieshman Hillard for thinking I’d be apt for this project!

And lastly – Thanks to Imagine Dragons for such a solid song!



34 thoughts on “FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: An Indian Tribute to Imagine Dragons’ Believer | by Tushar Lall (Full Video Link Below)

  1. Guys, you are exemplary Indian musicians that I'm proud of. (Thanks for including Manas in that Titanic composition, he's my childhood friend).Please do Avengers. You've covered inception, tdk, interstellar (my hans Zimmer favourites already). How about fountain, Terminator, transformers? There's so much of pure stuffs to be indianised by you folks. You guys just add a new flavour to what's already the best. It's amazing that you often do. Happy hardworking. (Oh and that addition of our slum buds in the JL vid was magnificent)

  2. Why you got so late? I was dying to see next video, you took nearly a year. Everyday, I checked “Tushar Lall” on search. Infact I was always in doubt that If I have clicked the 'Bell'.
    Once even I thought, that you died!

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