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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Adam Ten b2b Mita Gami @ Lunar Festival 2020

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Adam Ten b2b Mita Gami @ Lunar Festival 2020

Adam Ten b2b Mita Gami playing an exclusive DJ set full of original music only at Tel Aviv for Lunar Festival.

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☞ Adam Ten

☞ Mita Gami

☞ Lunar Festival

Video credits:

artists: Adam Ten, Mita Gami
Venue: Ganey Hata’Arucha, Tel-Aviv
Film Directed by: Amir Sonenberg
Photographers: Neri Yarden, Tomer Fuchs
Produced by ‘The Tripping’


27 Responses

  1. DJFELIXFOX1 says:

    Waoooo! Adam T & Mita G Monster set!! Please ID first Track… 00:00 Delicious Boom!!

  2. This was an awesome trip!!

  3. Foksen says:

    WOW!! Great set. What's the name track in 30:00 ?

  4. Ok Ok Ok i know the Original is it a remix?

  5. thank you for the music

  6. Gaming Freak says:

    sounds like maceo plex

  7. Danix Mon says:

    Solomun play it in Ibiza i have the video on youtube

  8. 46:00 – comfortably numb??? what? link pls

  9. 3D Music says:

    Give us more full sets!!!!! amazing

  10. Emma Spring says:

    36:00 – Mita Gami & Adam Ten – Always Freash

  11. 20:00 – Adam Ten – We Move!

  12. Rural Gamerz says:

    ‏Where is this?? this festival?

  13. ‏Somebody have a Tracklist?

  14. Fitness Core says:

    ‏Im here because Ame

  15. THE Dire says:

    ‏Pink floyddddddddddddd!!!!

  16. Or Sapan says:

    רמה גבוהה

  17. DnaMan73 says:

    The title of the first track?

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