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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: 2018 Vocal Asia Festival – Gala Concert 藝術節閉幕音樂會

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: 2018 Vocal Asia Festival – Gala Concert 藝術節閉幕音樂會

2018 Vocal Asia Festival 新竹阿卡貝拉國際藝術節
Gala Concert 藝術節閉幕音樂會

時間:8/18 (六) 19:30
地點:新竹市演藝廳 (新竹市北區東大路二段17號)

藝術節閉幕音樂會邀請到來自美國阿卡貝拉選秀《The Sing-Off》冠軍—世界首選鄉村音樂人聲團隊 Home Free 魅力開唱。音樂會中 Home Free 演唱經典曲目之外,也將帶來最新專輯《TIMELESS》當中融合流行、搖滾與美國鄉村音樂發源地納什維爾 (Nashville) 傳統曲風的全新混種的阿卡貝拉鄉村音樂。閉幕音樂會同時由 2018 亞洲盃阿卡貝拉大賽冠軍得主擔任開場團隊,飆唱人聲魅力,冠軍團隊聯袂將藝術節活動推向高潮。

Schedule 音樂會流程

· Opening – The Champion of the 2018 Asian Cup A Cappella Competition
開場演出 – 2018 亞洲盃阿卡貝拉大賽冠軍團隊

· Festival Ceremony

· Home Free Concert
大師團隊演出 – Home Free

演出團隊:Home Free

世界首屈一指的美國首選鄉村音樂人聲樂團 Home Free,將鄉村樂聖地──納什維爾的鄉村風格流行樂帶至新竹,呈現別具趣味的全新音樂型態。

Home Free 為美國選秀節目《The Sing-Off》2013 年的冠軍團,節目結束之後便馬不停蹄的進行全美巡演與專輯的錄製,同時也受邀參與 London A Cappella Festival、 Girona A Cappella Festival 等人聲藝術節。他們在 YouTube 創下全球累積 1 億 8 千 5 百萬的點閱率,吸引超過 30 萬觀眾參與現場演出,成為家喻戶曉的樂團。他們的第 四張專輯《TIMELESS》在 2017 年 9 月發行後,便在美國告示牌鄉村專輯榜上拿下第二名,並連續四周蟬聯排行榜前五名。

Home Free 以在演出當中加入具有喜劇元素的即興演唱而聞名,他們不斷地在音樂上創新,同時也不斷地在現場演出中帶給觀眾全新的視聽享受。


2018 Vocal Asia Festival
August 16-19 at Big City in Hsinchu, Taiwan
The Only A Cappella Festival Traveling Around Asia


11 Responses

  1. Eva wissing says:

    HOME FREE YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nancy Long says:

    Thanks for the live stream. Love Home Free

  3. nana chan says:

    Shout out fans from asia-philippines

  4. Home Free sounded/looked awesome!
    Thx for this vid! Hope to see more fan
    vids of just them, from diff. angles, of
    this concert.😊

  5. HF3915 HF says:

    All of the guys look fantastic. They represented us well.

  6. g1 kim says:

    I’m dying………….

  7. jmsstyxnyes says:

    Thanks for the stream, is there any chance of seeing all of Home Free's performance? They are the best 🙂

  8. hayatropical says:

    Thanks a lot for livestream! The sound was perfect!!!

  9. Shout out loud for Home Free! Life is definitely a highway, even through long air flights. Tim's bass is famous even in Taiwan! Hear the applause! That Austin lean is legendary. Couldn't hear what Austin was saying sans mike at the end of Ring of Fire, but I know it had to be uplifting. I never considered God Bless Texas a party song, but these guys can work miracles. Couldn't tell if audience participated in the 4 claps. but the applause was energetic at the end. No lighting guy – what were they thinking? LOL. Modern stools for those tall guys. Austin wails like no other and looks so darn cute doing it. Where is Brittany Cherry? On second thought I like it with no dancer to take away from who they are this time. Come on, that's the end? It was amazing still! Enjoy yourselves and be safe guys. Remember you have a gazillion fans awaiting your return to the USA.

  10. Kathy Snyder says:

    Thank you for streaming this… is there any chance of you posting the entire performance of Home Free?

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