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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: 2017 Moonrise Festival | Official After Movie

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: 2017 Moonrise Festival | Official After Movie

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2017 Moonrise Festival in Baltimore has came and went. Check out all the fun that went down.

Music: Flux Pavilion

Moonrise FB: https://www.facebook.com/moonrisefest/

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8 Responses

  1. Zack Mom says:

    who’s here to get hyped up after seeing moonrise 2018 lineup!

  2. Katie Macris says:

    I'm that white girl😘 Moonrise thank you for the free admission Sunday. PS They had to evacuate because the tents could fly away and fuck someone up.

  3. everyone can get the f*ck over the weather it was still a great weekend and if you didnt listen to them then yeah you probably got soaked you dumbasses lmao

  4. Hold Diz L says:

    Festival Cameras mostly focuses on hot white girls. Racist

  5. crazy video rockstar i just posted my own video on moonrise today

  6. It’s moonrise’s fault they said rain or shine that’s false advertising they said the festival was going to happen with no interruptions no matter what!

  7. Matze NCG says:

    guys you messed up the title

  8. Yes and Rock Star awesome

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