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Victorious Festival news: We loved having Slaves at Victorious Festival – they were awesome! However, they…

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We loved having Slaves at Victorious Festival – they were awesome! However, they weren’t mini festival go-er Freddie’s cup of tea!

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24 Responses

  1. They weren’t mine either to be fair!

  2. Sally Stokes says:

    My boom boom LOVED Slaves, this is him dancing to them

  3. They definitely were mine!

  4. Mark Warren says:

    Kevin Mosley I think you had a similar reaction!

  5. Sarah Brown says:

    Glad it wasnt just us then!

  6. My little boy (3.5) kept asking when the noisy men would be finished!! 😂

  7. Slaves were definitely one of my favourites (incidentally my little one loved it too!) http://www.mrteethreviews.com/6-of-the-best-bands-from-victorious-festival-2017

  8. Ash Baum says:

    Saw them at clapham common mental loved them!!!👍👍

  9. Nigel Oliver says:

    Suoerb set. Great lads.

  10. Tammie Chidgey arggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh

  11. Looks pretty much like me waiting for a beer whilst Jake Bugg was on.

  12. Ben Baker looks like we weren’t the only ones! 😂😂

  13. Slaves were awesome !

  14. Sallie Loten – isn’t this how you felt too?!

  15. 😂 Gemma Green this was you at Slaves

  16. Sarah Marsh says:

    Freddie loved them really

  17. Kate Cooper says:

    Slaves were definitely a highlight for us and Dixie loved dancing (running around like a wild thing!) to them!

  18. Gutted I missed them 😢 bet they were awesome

  19. Julie Kidby says:

    I love Slaves, but they were perhaps a little bit too sweary for a family festival at the time they were on

  20. Great set although my four year old did look at me a bit quizzically when they played “f**k the high hat” as we queued for the toilet

  21. Jim Lush says:

    I thought they were shameful, childish and brash

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