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Victorious Festival news: @reefmusic rocked the Castle stage on Saturday!!…

Latest update from Victorious Festival

@reefmusic rocked the Castle stage on Saturday!! 🎸🙌
Tickets- https://bit.ly/3yWLk9o

Victorious Festival


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7 Responses

  1. Dan Parker says:

    They were brilliant loved them ❤

  2. Nick Cráig says:

    Great set

  3. Julie Trisnan says:


  4. Fraser McLeod says:

    Their Duran Duran covers at the end were awesome… 😊

  5. Paul Gulley says:


  6. Mark Ricketts says:

    those boys got hairy 😳

  7. Fil Be says:

    Reef made my top 2 bands of the festival. Very tight, played the hits with two suprise covers. Stringer one best smile of the weekend

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