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Victorious Festival news: More Acts Added!! Bombay Bicycle club, Anna Calvi, METRONOMY, @Embrace dodie, St…

Latest update from Victorious Festival

More Acts Added!!πŸŽ‰ Bombay Bicycle club, Anna Calvi, METRONOMY, @Embrace dodie, Stephen Fretwell, The Blue Stones, The Longest Johns The Reytons & More!πŸŽ‰

Early Birds End 31st March! Buy tickets from Β£45 here πŸ‘‰https://bit.ly/37Vsrfd (fees apply)

Maya Delilah Bessie Turner Honeyglaze Beren Olivia Margo Cilker Fiona Bevan’s Music Harvey Jay Dodgson

Victorious Festival


26 Responses

  1. Jack David Morgan Weedon says:

    Matt Standley

  2. John Woodhatch says:

    David Raymond embrace have been added, lots of mid 2000s indie this year

  3. Emily Georgina Hackett says:


  4. Emily Georgina Hackett says:

    Max Williams BOMBAY

  5. Erin Stewart says:

    Christine Stewart this is literally the best festival line up this year

  6. Nickie Doo-dah says:

    Briony Crook very tempted by Fri Night and Sunday ……? You in?

  7. Rowen Even says:

    Theresa Bailey

  8. Daniel Stockwell says:

    The Blue Stones! πŸ‘πŸ‘ wicked

  9. Lindsey Vickery says:

    Jemma Morgan I meant to speak to you about this last weekend – we need to book x

  10. Tristan Tipper says:

    Christine Bronner one on that list u will be happy with 😎

  11. Lisa Rossiter says:

    Dean Rossiter

  12. Paula Bartlett says:

    Rob Bartlett Cathie Mckeand The Reytons are on the line up for Sunday 😁😁

  13. Erin Samson says:

    Aimee McBain Chris Leiper Bombay bicycle club 😭β™₯️

  14. Joanna Ashworth says:

    LordMartin Ashworth Sunday is looking even better now!!!!

  15. Leah Robinson says:

    Lucy Smith Hayley Smith

  16. Thomas Edward Eacott says:

    Rose Elizabeth disappointed Gary Gibson hasn’t been announced yet…

  17. Shannon Cherry says:

    Lisa Dyer did you still wanna go??

  18. Catherine Edwards says:

    Gary Edwards

  19. Lisa Staples says:

    Nick Staples

  20. Ellie Wallis says:

    Laurie Wallis

  21. Suzanne Muse Caley says:

    This will be my 70th White Lies show and on my Birthday too I can’t wait to get to Southsea again πŸŽ‰πŸ’ƒπŸŽ‚β›΅πŸš’πŸ›₯️

  22. Carl Wood says:

    Had an Embrace song stuck in my head all week so thanks for curing my earworm and bombay bicycle club along with metronomy. Spoiling us this year you beauts πŸ™‚

  23. Mat Headon says:

    Samantha McGinley Bombay Friday!

  24. Leigh Stedman says:

    Jade Ryan your dream haaaa

  25. Connell Mateu says:

    Hi! I’m selling 3 Sunday tickets

  26. Amy Oram says:

    Sunday😍 Abi Margetts Dave Odell

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