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Victorious Festival news: Hooray for record day In celebration we’re giving away this bundle of vinyls of…

Latest update from Victorious Festival

Hooray for record day 🎉 In celebration we’re giving away this bundle of vinyls of artists from this year’s lineup. To enter tag who you’d listen to them with in the comments below. Good luck!
Winner will be chosen at random & contacted privately by DM on 29/4/2022

Victorious Festival


41 Responses

  1. Kim TP says:

    Katherine TP

  2. Simon Oliver Lane says:

    Christophe Philipps

  3. Jenny Wilkins says:

    Steve Wilkins

  4. Caroline Scoulding says:

    Elliot Gilpin 🤞😊

  5. Barry Wilton says:

    Marisa Mendoza

  6. Karen Sanger says:

    Hana O’Hanlon

  7. Katherine TP says:

    Kim TP

  8. Rhianna Sandford says:

    Martin Sandford

  9. Katherine TP says:

    Alexa Turner

  10. Teri Slatter says:

    I’d listen to them with my lovely husband, Mark Francis Slatter!

  11. Martin Sandford says:

    Rhianna Sandford

  12. Joby Ware says:

    Harvey Ware

  13. Marisa Mendoza says:

    Barry Wilton

  14. Sarah Mackay says:

    Gary Harrington

  15. Mark Butler says:

    Gemma Butler always ❤️

  16. Johnny Burt says:

    Stuart White

  17. Bonnie Parker says:

    Brooke Conneely 😍🎧🎪

  18. Rowen Even says:

    Maisie Nicole Drewett Olivia Bates Constable

  19. Claire Sinnott says:

    My friend Laura Clifford-Jones who loves how much better vinyl sounds!

  20. Anthony Bowler says:

    Hannah Turner

  21. Fern Shepherd says:

    Beth Rees Matcham just to pick which one to play first 🙋🏻‍♀️

  22. Andy Chisham says:

    Hayley Grace BW

  23. Emily 'Smashing' Snow says:

    Hazel Brackstone

  24. Chris Greenhouse says:

    Sara Lambert

  25. Sean Foster says:

    Lorna Spencer

  26. Russell Hughes says:

    Sara Hughes

  27. Sara Hughes says:

    Russell Hughes

  28. Sonja Timpso says:

    I’d listen to James with my friend Dawn Hollingworth as she knows good lyrics when she hears them!

  29. Kate Bonney says:

    Duncan Spencer

  30. Aileen Mansfield says:

    Andy Mansfield

  31. Kerry Morgan says:

    Ash Cake Maddison Rose Cake Amberlie Cake Sam Hodder Leeann Stapleton Justin Stapleton Adam Gillen Kyle Cake
    Always 😍

  32. Mia Olivia Wheeler says:

    Cael Broadfoot 🥰🥰

  33. Paul Nicholls says:

    Bradley Barnes

  34. Riley Danks says:

    Josie Lane

  35. Kyle Entwistle says:

    Fancy a bit of The Libertines George? A slice of James Codie? Or maybe hop on the Bombay Bicycle club Jim?

  36. Lauren Sherwin says:

    Jason Sherwin

  37. Leromra Jade says:

    James Schofield

  38. Jason Sherwin says:

    Lauren Sherwin

  39. Eleanor Brown says:

    Caitlin Brown

  40. Nicole Collyer says:

    Syd Ridley

  41. Noortje Nollen says:

    Jos Nollen this would be a nice present on your birthday 🤞🎶

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