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Victorious Festival news: Don’t miss Mancunian legends james on Friday at Victorious! Coming into their fi…

Latest update from Victorious Festival

Don’t miss Mancunian legends james on Friday at Victorious! Coming into their fifth decade and rightly renowned as one of the best live artists in the business, James will put on the perfect performance for the opening night of Victorious 2022 🎉🙌
Get your tickets here 👉https://bit.ly/33Hya69

Victorious Festival


22 Responses

  1. Natalie Harman says:

    Alison Henry

  2. Rebecca North says:

    Kirstie Kenning

  3. Matthew Neville says:

    Wicked ,,can’t wait

  4. Nick Yates says:


  5. Jo Lucas says:

    Katy Amanda Watt Jon Chalkley Stephanie Mitchell Jim Lucas !!!!

  6. Nikki Buttigieg Anderson says:

    Sarah Guest whoo hoo looking forward to it x

  7. Zoe Fennell says:

    Chris Fennell

  8. Julie Trisnan says:

    Best band ever live, an experience not to be missed!

  9. Allison Taw says:

    Lee Cornwell

  10. Natasha Berry says:

    Tania Berry

  11. Steph Osborne says:

    Daniel Osborne ❤️

  12. Lee Roberts says:

    Rob Marsh.. 👍🏻

  13. Jack Whiteaway says:

    Russell Thorne I’m going Friday 😍😍

  14. Andy Clark says:

    Should be headlining

  15. Nikki Cosgrove says:

    Can’t wait to see these again. They were my husband and mines first gig together 20 years ago x

  16. Kelly Ashley says:

    Kay Sherwood

  17. Rob Jesson says:

    Clare Jesson Richard Dooler Charlotte Dooler James playing the Friday night!

  18. Rachel Elizabeth Bradbury says:

    Paul Allen Karen Allen

  19. Sarah Rooney says:

    Connor Rooney

  20. Kat Louise says:

    Dan Hampton they always put C’s fave bands on the Friday. Libs, Madness and now James 😅

  21. David Raymond says:

    Wait! James is more than 1 person!

  22. Leila Bobayla says:

    Boo, I want them on at the weekend

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