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Victorious Festival news: Dearest Victorious Festival-goers! If you’re an e-ticket customer you should ha…

Latest update from Victorious Festival

🥳 🌊Dearest Victorious Festival-goers! If you’re an e-ticket customer you should have today received a handy essential guide containing lots of key info you will need to enjoy Victorious Festival!

Featuring our Covid Entry Requirements, Opening Times, Travel, Welfare and more! Please take the time to have a read – we can’t wait to welcome you to Southsea this weekend!💙

If you’re a physical ticket customer, you can download it here

FAQs here–> https://www.victoriousfestival.co.uk/info/eventfaqs/
Covid Info Here —>https://www.victoriousfestival.co.uk/covid-19-faqs/

Victorious Festival


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21 Responses

  1. Sara Lambert says:

    Chris Greenhouse worth checking your email

  2. Sharon Daly says:

    If I am a camper and will throw the mother of all tantrums if I miss Terrorvision (official) on Friday, what time should I definitely arrive by. How long do you suspect registration at the camp site will take? Will there be several shuttle buses? If we are already registered at the camp site do we need to queue at the festival site? Just had a discussion with my teenage son who thinks as it is a 2 hour drive from our house we need to leave at 2pm to see Terrorvision at 4pm. I want to leave now…..

  3. Hayley Johnson says:

    Can I ask if anyone is staying at the camp site in a camper? I’ve just printed my tickets and am having a major panic as it seems as well as the campervan festival tickets and electric pitch hookup ticket, there should be another pitch ticket!? We’re coming from Manchester so it’s a long way to go to find out we may not have anywhere to stay when we get there, I’ve emailed the three addresses I can find and sent a messenger message but have not had any reply’s and I know they will be really busy so I’m just really panicking! 😫😫😫

  4. Roxy Broughton says:

    Kerry Broughton

  5. Dean Wall says:

    Emma Benson Ross Petty

  6. Lou Reed says:


  7. Piers Goodwin says:

    Still waiting for Etickets

  8. Mark Powell says:

    How strict are they on the not bringing your own chairs?

  9. Debbie Airey says:

    Melanie Claire 😘

  10. Katie Lewis says:

    Do we have to print the e tickets off? Sorry for obvious question 🙈

  11. Em CSeymour says:

    Tickets received, are pre paid lanyards given at point of entry?

  12. Charlotte Wood says:

    Adam, Kirsty, Bethanie, Josh & Tony it’s all looking good.. can’t wait 😜

  13. Natalie Schell says:

    Sadly we won’t be around for this event we will be selling our 2 tickets to anyone interested
    Will gladly transfer tickets to anyone interested

  14. Helen Bolter says:

    Sadly need to transfer my tickets to someone 🥺🥺 message me if you’re interested

  15. Cathy Adcock says:


  16. Blake Dowson says:

    Kellie, as you didn’t get the email

  17. Helen Simmons says:

    Anyone know how to exchange a vip Bolt on to a normal ticket?
    We’ve emailed the ticket line a while back a couple of times but no response. Iv wrongly brought it for the whole weekend i have a bolt on but no actual ticket??

  18. David Bonner says:

    This is hilarious,, could you please make it more difficult to gain entry 😅 you lot should of gone to #beautifuldays proper tickets, proof of covid jabs & your in 🤣🤣🤣

  19. Alan Sandell says:

    Fleurit Penny ??

  20. Andy Shorter says:

    Kim Tremayne

  21. Mary Alex says:

    I have 3 weekend tickets for sale

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