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11 Responses

  1. Iona McPartlan !!!!!!!!!!

  2. Vikki Eaton says:

    daze trusting you will be up there soon… 🤔🤔

  3. Pretty mid i can’t lie

  4. Disappointing, not enough heavy guitar stuff, perhaps we gave been spoilt in previous years eh Anthony Morley

  5. Gem Osborne Ollie Osborne Nikki Willoughby Lyndsey JC Danielle Crossingham

  6. Alfie Cass says:

    Nice not so great line up, TRUCK FESTIVAL! Is it going to be a little less strict this year? I remember how last year we were only allowed 12 cans each to last us from Thursday-Sunday… oh and how we weren’t allowed gazebos (even though there was a heatwave) because you guys decided to oversell on tickets and didn’t have enough space for everyone… wasn’t there a rule on your official website about not being allowed water bottles over 500ml too? It’s almost as if you’re catering to everyone else but your most valuable customers… without us you wouldn’t have these traders paying you thousands.

  7. Yeah not impressed we were going this year too but not unless they add some more on!!

  8. What a crap line up rewind bettet 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. Hi everyone! I have got two tickets I wanna get rid off pls can someone get them off my hands ?

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