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The Big Retreat Festival news: Happy Earth Day…

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Happy Earth Day...

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Happy Earth Day 🌎


Welcome to Darwin’s Den, a pop-up festival event hosted by Cymbrogi Futures that celebrates changemakers and changemaking in a climate-challenged world.

Join us for a day of workshops, conversations, and creative storytelling from an awesome line-up of changemakers in education, enterprise, food, fashion, and film.

Our workshops are designed to empower and inspire attendees to become changemakers themselves. Mini-beast hunts and clay faces for smaller changemakers (8+ yrs), food and foraging for big ones too.

Our curated workshops cover topics such as climate anxiety, circular economy, the future of food and fashion, and positive storytelling.

At Darwin’s Den, you’ll have the chance to craft your own story through words, art, and play. You’ll learn how positive storytelling can shape our futures and get a behind-the-scenes glimpse at how Dr. Who and His Dark Materials were made.

You’ll also hear from changemakers who are cleaning our oceans, swimming with sharks, and changing their industries in fashion and food.

Some of our featured changemakers include Shareefa J, Ellen McArthur Foundation, Screen Alliance Wales, August Bernstein, and the Future Generation Commission.

We’ve curated this event with love and a deep connection to nature, and we’re excited to invite you to be a part of it.

Join us at Darwin’s Den and discover how you can become a changemaker and help shape a positive future for all.

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