The Guardian festival blog: Mutiny festival cancelled over ‘dangerous substance’ as two die on site | UK news

A music festival in Portsmouth has been cancelled after an 18-year-old woman and a 20-year-old man died after falling ill on Saturday night. The deaths at the Mutiny festival are being seen as separate incidents and are not being treated as suspicious, but Hampshire police said inquiries were being made to determine the circumstances. Dizzee […]

The Guardian festival blog: Public Health England warns of measles outbreak at music festivals | Music

Public Health England is advising attendees at summer music festivals to be vaccinated against measles, amid worries that the events could allow for the easy spread of an outbreak. In a statement, the government body said that music festivals “pose an ideal chance for the infection to spread quickly” and that “close-mixing environments such as […]

The Guardian festival blog: Feel the beat: deaf fans fight for access to live music | Music

Growing up among the reggae soundsystems and pirate radio stations of 1980s Hackney, Troi Lee was surrounded by music, “speakers on the street corners blaring”. After getting a Walkman for his 14th birthday, he would wander through his neighbourhood playing songs by Public Enemy on repeat: “It was pure joy,” he says. This passion led […]

The Guardian festival blog: Vale of Glamorgan festival review – flavours of Messiaen and mystery | Music

Composer Qigang Chen reached a global audience at the Beijing Olympics’ opening ceremony, but his characteristic approach is the delicate weaving together of his Chinese heritage with western disciplines. Chen has been based in Paris since studying with Olivier Messiaen, and traces of the master’s harmony and colour continue to influence his writing. Qigang Chen […]

The Guardian festival blog: Anne-Marie: ‘I’ve looked inside a festival loo before … not nice’ | Music

Had you been to many festivals before being asked to actually sing at one?When I was 18 I went to V festival because my friend had split up with his girlfriend and he needed someone to go with. I loved the staying in the tent bit and seeing loads of different artists in one night. […]

The Guardian festival blog: SZA, Brockhampton and Sigrid: 2018’s festival anthems | Music

In 1970, a band called Fairfield Parlour were commissioned to write a “theme tune” for the Isle of Wight festival. They obligingly changed their name to I Luv Wight and devised a charming bit of psych whimsy called Let the World Wash In. The event itself went down in history: the crowd was bigger than […]

The Guardian festival blog: MNEK: ‘The tent thing is not going to happen’ | Music

You’re a tall man. How do you feel about sleeping in a tent?It’s just not what I’m made to do [laughs]. It’s not practical. The tent thing is not going to happen. If you dropped your phone down a festival toilet, would you attempt to retrieve it?Abso-fucking-lutely. I love my tech. That’s the whole thing […]

The Guardian festival blog: Liam Gallagher, Jack White, Damon Albarn: how to grow old in rock | Music

People often talk about music going in cycles. However, after each cycle – flatulent indie, breathy electro, murmuring rappers who only use vowels – is complete, the artists who participated rarely disappear; they just continue releasing music that fewer people care about. Now is the perfect time to appraise these beings. This summer’s festival season […]

The Guardian festival blog: Kings of Leon to Kanye West: the cringiest festival TV moments | Music

The faces of presenters Edith Bowman and Colin Murray were wildly fluctuating barometers of rock-TV strife as they welcomed Bobby Gillespie and bassist Mani to the sofa: the hosts began sunnily, but within seconds Gillespie had effed and Mani had joked about stabbing hippies to death. Then everyone relaxed into it but, just as Ede […]

The Guardian festival blog: Dani Filth: ‘Marilyn Manson is a likable fellow, so I’d give him my wet wipes’ | Music

You live in Suffolk. Ever visited the Suffolk-based Latitude festival?I haven’t been. I don’t really care for much of the artists that play it, but my wife, daughter, sister and my mum have been to it. I find something else to do. On a scale of one to 10, how filthy are you at a […]