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Shambala Festival news: You are a very silly bunch and we are deeply amused to announce that your winnin…

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Latest update from Shambala Festival

You are a very silly bunch and we are deeply amused to announce that your winning 2023 carnival theme is….

β€œWe’re often told that Shambala β€˜feels like home’. Which is lush – but does it really? For one, home has more couches. More beds. More armchairs, lamps, rugs, teapots, cutlery, vases, wardrobes, hoovers, picture frames, house plants.. can you see where we’re going with this? Let’s turn the fields of Shambala into a proper home – full of roaming, oversized furniture-human hybrids! Live your best lava lamp life! Turn into a telephone! Tick tock, become a grandfather clock! Summon your inner chandelier! BECOME ONE WITH YOUR DUVET!”

This is going to be absolutely ridiculous. Yes please.

We’ve got heaps of hilarious costume inspiration for you, right here: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/ShambalaFestival/part-of-the-furniture/

Big love! x

Shambala Festival


22 Responses

  1. Mais Lpz says:

    Charlotte Wood LETS HAVVVVITTTT

  2. Amazing! Are you allowed to let us know HOW silly we are? What % of votes were for this wonderful redicicolus idea…

  3. Doh. That was the worst option.

  4. Carol Carter says:

    Oh FFS 😩. I’m out. Warm layers and sequins it is.

  5. Is it going to be of same capacity of last year? As it was sooooo over crowded compared to previous years. I love Shambala but mainly because it felt so much more of a community and personal. I’m sad it got so busy last year

  6. bagsy being a lava lamp

  7. Rachel Tight says:

    The 1st time EVER that the theme I wanted has been picked πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ So excited and so many ideas rushing around my head!

  8. I have soo many costume ideas for this one (but I’m going as a cat scratching post) so I wanna list them here for anyone who is struggling!

    – a dog house with legs and inside the dog house is a micro rave

    – a bathtub complete with bubbles and rubber Dickie

    -if your a team a whole bathroom suite

    – a shambala coloured bookshelf with shambala friendly books on it for people to read

    -a mailbox (with encouragement to post mail into)

    -glittery red rotary phone

    -a ball gown with tables drawn all over it (a dress-ing table)

    – a fairy lit Christmas tree

    – a living room fireplace

    – musical theme voters could still do some musical things because how many homes have at least a small toy keyboard in it or a record player or abandoned cds from 2001


  9. Daniella Paolozzi Francesca Paolozzi 🀣🀣

  10. Abbi Watts says:

    Sophie Slade Annabel Norman Michelle De La Bertauche Daniel John Frazer πŸ€©πŸ™ƒ

  11. Grace Willow says:

    It’s a YES from me! This theme is genius. Silly, imaginative, creative and shonky. Well done shambalians ⭐️

  12. Amazing!! Absolutely love it!!! 🫢 ✨

  13. Sharon Birch this is a great festival

  14. Katy Miller says:

    Of COURSE it is!! I would have bet money on this one πŸ˜‚ Can’t wait xx

  15. Carly Govier says:

    Sarah K Henderson blooming lampshades!!!!!

  16. How about you all return and be Mother Earth. That’s a good start to the true awakening…. Not bringing the city to her beauty….

  17. Will Davis says:

    It’s challenging to find an idea for this with my limited craft skills and slight laziness in preparing and wearing stuff πŸ˜‚ plenty of time to crack it though 😎

  18. Sal Mager Julia Barnsley πŸ€”

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