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Latest update from Shambala Festival

Whilst we wait for our official Shambino mini-aftermovie to drop, we wanted to point your eyes and ears towards this little gem of a music video from Mista Trick – filmed on site at Shambino.

To stream or download ‘Shambala’ by Mista Trick, head here:

To catch Mista Trick’s next gig in London at the Hootenanny Brixton on 18th September, head here:

Video by FareLight Productions ✨

Shambala Festival


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12 Responses

  1. Lınds O'Harrold says:

    Henry Charles you feature!

  2. Yasin Almaghrabi says:

    The whole Aber crew is in this <3 Also massive tune guys! 👊 Archie Davies Sophia Brydie Jasmine Green Stanley Cass Sara Bonbon

  3. Tabitha Green says:

    pure joy….every fluffing minute…..JOY JOY JOY Xxx

  4. Amy Everard says:

    Love this tune! 💃

  5. Ella Treloar says:

    Sophia Brydie dude! I seee youuuu! multiple times!

  6. Sam Martins says:

    André Amaral _oh no!!!! I will be away!!! Go for me please!!!

  7. Kelly Young says:

    I swear the back of our heads are in this video somewhere 😆 What a wonderful and joyous thing ❤❤ Mike Whatmough

  8. Simon Peter Harris says:

    That’s sick! as the kids would say

  9. Alice Titcomb-Day says:

    Claudia Cataldo Kristie Lianne Keyse this is bangingggggg 💥🎉💥🎉💥🎉💥

  10. André Amaral says:

    🙏thank you! 😘

  11. Clare Hughes says:

    Thanks so much for sharing. My daughter and her friends are in this and totally loved the experience- outside stuff. Thanks to the band and you guys for add an extra cherry on an already overloaded cake of wonder xx

  12. Arron 'Salesman' Dando says:

    Jamie Bartle Felicity got in a music video!

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