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We’ve come up with three themes, read ’em all, have a ponder, check the costume inspiration boards, see which one fires up your imagination and then place your vote here: https://www.shambalafestival.org/vote-for-your-2023-carnival-theme/
You can only vote using the above link – social media comments will not be counted!


Let’s turn the fields of Shambala into a living, breathing, marching orchestra! Duelling banjos, the grandest of grand pianos, banging boomboxes, strutting saxophones, twinkly disco balls, glamorous gramophones and the rest! Come as an instrument (bonus points if your costume makes a noise), your musical heroes or iconic album cover. Turn it up to 11,blow your own trumpet and march to the beat of your own drum – there are no second fiddles here!

Check the inspiration board: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/ShambalaFestival/strike-up-the-band/


We’re often told that Shambala ‘feels like home’. Which is lush – but come on, does it really? For one, home has more couches. More beds. More armchairs, lamps, rugs, teapots, cutlery, vases, wardrobes, hoovers, picture frames, house plants.. can you see where we’re going with this? Let’s turn the fields of Shambala into a proper home – full of roaming,oversized furniture-human hybrids! Live your best lava lamp life! Turn into a telephone! Tick tock, become a grandfather clock! Summon your inner chandelier! BECOME ONE WITH YOUR DUVET!

Check the inspiration board: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/ShambalaFestival/part-of-the-furniture/


At a secret location in Northamptonshire, scientists have reported a serious rip in the space time continuum, with creatures and characters both historic and prehistoric pouring in for the party of the centuries. Viking hoardes are sailing across the lake under the watchful bionic eyes of our future robot overlords, Victorian urchins are queuing up for rides on a woolly mammoth, Marie Antoinette is completely off her head and we’re sure we just saw Marilyn Monroe sneaking off into the woods with Black Beard…

Check the inspiration board: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/ShambalaFestival/the-time-travellers-ball/

Voting will close at midday on Thursday 19th January.
Remember to head to our website to place your votes: https://www.shambalafestival.org/vote-for-your-2023-carnival-theme/

Thanks, legends! x

Shambala Festival


13 Responses

  1. Anna Freeman says:

    Laura Greenwood Mark Greenwood Jnr

  2. Jo Job says:

    Simon PeekeIzabella ButtersJessica Butters

  3. 💃❤️💃❤️💃😁

  4. Ben Banks says:

    Theo Garman and Tanya Fick – you’re up on there 🙂

  5. That’s a really tough one to choose from ….

  6. Oooohhhh good choices, good choices indeed this year. Brain is in overdrive rn

  7. Will Davis says:

    Ahhh they are so good it’s hard to choose what to vote for! Well done! Being drawn into the music one so can do a blues brothers thing and have a lot of fun saying the quotes! 🥳

  8. Katie Donna Alisa Leah !!!!!!!
    All very good options… I’m going to have to think about this…

  9. Louise Toy says:

    Sarah Louise M Genevieve Stewart Eleanor Gregson Dot Garfield Lucy Jones ❤️

  10. Gary Palmer says:

    How about Posh Twats pending to be hippies?

  11. Shazzy Shazz says:

    Just gonna go as my genuine self x

  12. Dawn Murphy says:

    Jim Sputnik, Torquil Varty, Rachel Bower

  13. Strike up the band!! 😀😀😀👍👍👍

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