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Rockaway Beach Festival news: Who are they? (Wrong answers only)…

Latest update from Rockaway Beach Festival

🎳 Who are they? (Wrong answers only)

Rockaway Beach


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28 Responses

  1. Gil Savage says:


  2. Shaun Gordon says:

    Dom, John, Jimi and me at the aftershow party 💥💥💥

  3. Elaine Farrell says:

    The Bay City Rollers

  4. Jimi Arundell says:

    Shaun Gordon hahaha yep

  5. Ray Driver says:


  6. Gillian Stovold says:

    The Clangers

  7. Jack Richard Moody says:

    Madsen, Buscemi, Keitel and Roth at their Reservoir Dogs audition

  8. Annette Bailey says:


  9. Greg Macrdechian says:

    bangers n mash

  10. Ash Wabe says:

    The Nolans

  11. David Bishop says:

    Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and no Tich.

  12. Leo Smith says:

    Right answer to start with … who are they !!!

  13. Gary Davis says:

    Cliff & the Shadows

  14. Robin Kenyon says:

    Apollo 13 crew.

  15. Tim Knight says:

    Left to right: Virginia Wade, Jerry Dammers, Nick Cotton and Peter Beardsley at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year 1984.

  16. Rigger Scooby Doo Ramone says:


  17. Richard Mason says:


  18. Karen Murphy says:

    Bay city rollers

  19. Gabbi Smith says:

    Bay city rollers

  20. Dick Dollar says:

    Dave Clark Five

  21. Sammy Lee Warner says:

    Little Mix

  22. Claire Morris says:

    Half Man Half Biscuit

  23. Simon Reid says:


  24. Rupert Luck says:


  25. Fiona Sands says:

    Sugar Babes

  26. Bill Hughes says:

    Sex Pistols

  27. Neil Partridge says:

    Not sure who they are, but is it taken at the dentists?

  28. Ben Smith says:

    Middle two are the chuckle brothers

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