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Rockaway Beach Festival news: Who are they? Wrong answers only….

Latest update from Rockaway Beach Festival

🎳 Who are they? Wrong answers only.

Rockaway Beach


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42 Responses

  1. Ross Lippiatt says:

    The Flumps?

  2. Jan Burnett says:

    Toyah and Fripp

  3. Kate Johnston says:

    A hypnotised teacher and the Demon headmaster

  4. John Weeman Ross says:

    Ewan McGregor and Jonathan Rhys Meyers

  5. Stuart Hellingsworth says:

    Dr Harold Shipman and Level 42’s Mark King

  6. Terry Tume says:

    The chuckle brothers

  7. Carrie Howes says:

    Buffalo bill and hannibal lecter

  8. Alan Williamson says:

    Bruce Lee , David Beckham

  9. Dylan Hamer says:

    Hinge and bracket

  10. Malcolm Wigham says:

    The two ronnies

  11. Dave Aston says:

    Compo and Max Headroom

  12. April Mikosz says:

    Rosie and Jim

  13. Deb Wilson says:

    Jedward after a cheeky trip to the barbers!

  14. Billy Venus says:

    Hinge and Bracket

  15. Simon Davey says:

    Mulligan and O’Hare

  16. Grant Lyons says:

    2 stoners in Moscow.. oops , sorry right answer!

  17. Tracy Alexandra says:

    Reagan and Gorbachev at the Berlin Wall

  18. Richard L Mullins says:

    Hall and Oates….

  19. Lisa Hutchings says:

    Starsky and hutch

  20. Tim Howson-Green says:

    Biden and Harris

  21. Tony Wilshaw says:

    Rod Hull and Andy Peters

  22. Tom Hackwood says:

    Kevin and Perry

  23. Yvonne Stevens says:

    abbot and costello

  24. Kenneth Wilkins says:

    Ian Beale and Lawrence Fox

  25. Steve Cook says:

    It’s that Nick and Dot Cotton from Easties innit!

  26. Ted Göthberg says:

    Punkrocker and a Hero just for one day

  27. David May says:

    Gandhi and Mother Teresa.

  28. Roy Moore says:

    Terry Griffiths and Chris Packham

  29. Hanna Lundgren says:

    It’s Angry Bob and Mr. Rice, of course!

  30. David Guthrie says:

    Arthur Askey & Tommy Cooper

  31. Steve Hancock says:

    Ethel Skinner & Dot Cotton.

  32. Macbeth Livingstone says:


  33. David Cowell says:

    Bros’s stunt double

  34. Daniel Camm says:

    Kevin and Perry

  35. Martin Berton says:

    Simon and Garfunkle?

  36. Phil Sutton says:

    From left to right: David Bowie and Iggy Pop

  37. Alby Shellshear says:

    Trump and Bojo

  38. Dave Daugirda says:

    Hinge & Bracket

  39. Jakob Doyle-Finch says:

    Putin and Jay from inbetweeners

  40. Robert Axelsson says:

    Drutten och Gena

  41. Kevin Byng says:

    David Bowie & Freddy Starr.

  42. Henry Kerr says:

    Simon &Garfunkel

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