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Rockaway Beach Festival news: Six years ago today we booted the last of you out of Butlin’s after the first e…

Latest update from Rockaway Beach Festival

🎳 Six years ago today we booted the last of you out of Butlin’s after the first ever Rockaway Beach. It was a hell of a ride. We had performances from PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTING and Young Fathers just before they went stratospheric, were lucky enough to have the late Mark E Smith and The Fall play in Reds, plus transcendental headline turns from Spiritualized, Johnny Marr and our first appearance of our belov’d Echo and the Bunnymen. What really hit us though is looking back and realising how many of those people from year one are still with us, whether it’s you guys cheering from the crowd, or new friends who’ve helped build the festival since 2015 who are all now part of the family. It’s an odd corner of the music world, but dammit it’s ours. See you in January 2022.

📸 Tony Jupp

Rockaway Beach


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26 Responses

  1. Lynn Thompson says:

    We are going to see PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTING 31 October. Both my husband and I cant wait. Loved them since seeing them. Thank you RB

  2. Lilias Macdonald says:

    We had a great time 😎

  3. Rob McAndrew says:

    Yep, brilliant, since day 1.. glad u got the organisation sorted since then as you had the bunnymen and the fall on at the same time😂😂

  4. Vivian Musson says:

    We had a fantastic time!!

  5. Gil Savage says:

    Can’t wait to do it all again in January

  6. Jacky Halls says:

    That was such a fantastic weekend! Been a Rockaway Beach girl ever since x

  7. Alison Webster says:

    We came along, it was my birthday that weekend.
    There was a large hen party that clearly had no idea about the weekend, dressed in grass skirts etc, asking me if Mark E Smith was famous…

  8. Steve Cuckney says:

    We’ve been to every one and booked for January. 🤪

  9. Zoe Brinkworth says:

    This was such a good year. We were talking about all these fantastic bands at the weekend. Lots of running up and down the stairs so we didn’t miss anyone.
    I’m really looking forward to January again xx

  10. James Newton says:

    Ghostpoet played that time, blew me away. Alongside Spiritulized. Best Rockaway to date that one

  11. Mark Evans Snr says:

    PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTING were brilliant, when they were finally set up. Much preferred the earlier festivals when you had an alternative headliner in. REds,.

  12. Mark Hillier-Kidston says:

    Loved every one so far, can’t wait to do it all again in January.

  13. James Clark says:

    Yep, haven’t missed one yet!

  14. Sally Williams says:

    And as many goes on the dodgems as we liked! Best weekend ever!

  15. Gary Williams says:

    John Knox Sex Club, Membranes, Young Fathers and Bunnymen. What a weekend that was.

  16. Irene Elliott says:

    What a weekend that was 🤩

  17. Sarah Lang says:

    It was a great weekend. Will be back in 2022 too.

  18. Sita Gunasingham says:

    Been every year since the start. It’s the best weekend. All staff working behind the scenes are amazing. Thank you !

  19. Tony Jupp says:

    The photos from all the years (so far!) from the Retrospective exhibition are on http://www.tonyjupp.com 🥰

  20. Keri Kennedy says:

    Been to all of them and so looking forward to January 😍

  21. Eddy Reynolds says:

    Only missed 2016 so annoying we were skint, first one was ultra special, can’t wait for January

  22. Ian Readman says:

    Could do with getting these q2uality bands back

  23. Elaine Farrell says:

    One of the best weekends ever!

  24. Neil Woodhouse says:

    Might go again in 2022.

  25. Amanda Geminii Liddle says:

    That was an incredible weekend, definitely the best ever and you’ve never come close since. We will still see you again in January and looking forward to it as always.

  26. Stephen Geraint Jones says:

    Rockaway Beach 2022 Catch you on 7 January!

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