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Rockaway Beach Festival news: A wise man once said “If in doubt, head to Rosso.” Probably……

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Latest update from Rockaway Beach Festival

🎳 A wise man once said “If in doubt, head to Rosso.” Probably…

From Bowie’s birthday bash to Big Red’s pub quizzes, Hilary Skank’s 2 Tone hour via Soho Radio DJs dedicating a song to “anyone who still likes making telephone calls”, our favourite bar was rockin’ all weekend.

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📸 Tony Jupp

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  1. Bean Dodson says:

    Our group love Bar Rosso. We were disappointed to find it had closed early on Saturday night.
    We asked staff the next day.
    It had closed because it was quiet apparently.

    Its bound to be quiet while the headliner act is on.
    It would have been nice to go there after.
    Although I like Lammo he does seem to drag out the same tunes each year. There were quite a lot of people looking for some other action.
    Please could this be noted for next year? It was advertised as a venue with a DJ for the Saturday night and it would have been great to have that as a choice.
    Its definitely a Rock Away highlight.

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