Three days of grass-roots 'punken' delights

Deep in the darkest depths of East Sussex, Hastings is home to a crazy world of hardcore music fans who thrive on the loudest and most raucous sounds around.

Born into a town where deprivation is masked by the relative affluence of the ever more gentrified neighbourhoods that clamour for attention from the lifestyle sections of the Sunday broadsheets, these nu-anarchists are a true throwback to the earliest days of punk. And they don't just pay lip service to the punk ethic as a fashion statement - they live and breathe rebellion and they express their passion through a genuine love of the music that fuels their days and nights.

The Toxic Wotsit crew - Dan, Jens, Kathy, Dave, Mark, and Simon - have taken this spirit and built a beautiful little three-day annual festival that celebrates everything they believe in.

Wotsit Called is a brilliant excuse to spend a couple of nights down at the end of the line in a town where every seagull has it's eye on your chips and the ancient order of the Winkle holds a Masonic sway over proceedings.

Take a peek at the action through the talented eyes and lens of Sara-Lou Bowrey...

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