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Rebellion Festival news: REPUBLICA – Confirmed for 2023…

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REPUBLICA - Confirmed for 2023...

Latest update from Rebellion Festival

REPUBLICA – Confirmed for 2023
Really excited to announce that Republica will be closing the OPERA HOUSE on Sunday 6th August.

Day & Weekend tickets: https://rebellion.keekmerch.com/

Line Up: https://www.rebellionfestivals.com/line-up

Republica (Official) #rebellionfestival #rebellion2023

Rebellion Punk Music Festival



32 Responses

  1. I’m ready to go! Great addition x

  2. Don’t know much about them but the bands from my era. Certainly different and of it doesn’t clash with anything I really want to see it is a great addition.

  3. Hahahahaha this will be a bit mental but fuck it aye

  4. Chris Heald says:

    I played a festival with them last year, were great!

  5. I like to see some variety on the bill, so it’s not all punk. Good booking.

  6. Becky Young says:

    Gaz Moore 🤣🤣🤣

  7. Jez Burford says:

    Saw them loads in the 90s, not bad to be honest!!

  8. Lee Wood says:

    These are awesome

  9. Johnny Ayych says:

    Possible highlight for me right here! ⚡⚡⚡

  10. Richard Hart says:

    Fantastic !! Did a gig with them way back in the 90 s spot on ! Gets better

  11. Shane Creech says:

    That’s a great booking! Nice one 😁

  12. She chatted my husband up on a film shoot circa 1998. Do you think she’d still want him? Minimal miles on the clock. One mostly careful owner…

  13. Peter Jones says:

    Holy shit…. this is brilliant! I’ve always wanted to see these!

  14. Saffron is a legend! READY TO GO!! 💜

  15. Fantastic need to do some juggling now so don’t miss these 🙂🙂

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