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Rebellion Festival news: GOOD RIDDANCE – Confirmed for Rebellion 2023…

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GOOD RIDDANCE - Confirmed for Rebellion 2023...

Latest update from Rebellion Festival

GOOD RIDDANCE – Confirmed for Rebellion 2023
It’s hard to believe that next year will be 30 years since the artists debut EP ‘Gidget’. The band are on fire and sound as fresh and relevant today. Can’t wait to have them back at our punk rock gathering in Blackpool next August.

They will be playing on THURSDAY….

Check out the line up so far here:

Weekend & Day tickets available here:

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12 Responses

  1. This is the BEST news on a Monday. Can we get Russ Rankin for Acoustic Stage?

  2. I was just saying, the other day as a track came on in car, that it would be good if they were on at Rebellion again 😊

  3. Paul Donovan says:

    Dave Walbey !!!! Yes mate

  4. Timmy Eukay says:

    I was hoping for this one.

  5. One of My favourite bands worth the price alone !

  6. Ally Brown says:

    Bonsai…..blah blah you know the rest 😁😇😺🎅

  7. Will Doherty says:

    Kev Doherty get in!!!!

  8. That is awesome add. Now I need just GangGreen 😍

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