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Rebellion Festival news: BOB VYLAN – Confirmed for 2023…

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BOB VYLAN - Confirmed for 2023...

Latest update from Rebellion Festival

BOB VYLAN – Confirmed for 2023
After an absolutely storming set this year, we’re pleased to confirm that Bob Vylan will be returning to Rebellion as Special Guests on the Empress Ballroom stage on Sunday night. We’ve been big fans from the start and having booked them early for the Introducing Stage this year, we then moved from the tiny room into the Arena but by the time Rebellion rolled around they had clearly out grown that room and a last minute change to the Empress so everyone could get in resulted in one of the best performances all weekend.

Fresh off the back of their award for Best Alternative Music Act at the recent MOBOs (congratulations!), they have confirmed that Rebellion is part of their 2023 plans and are heading back to Blackpool for our Punk Rock Party.

DAY & WEEKEND TICKETS are on sale now here:

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35 Responses

  1. Paul Steward says:

    Brilliant last year, a real unexpected pleasure.

  2. Really glad that they’re doing so well, they deserve it. Absolutely class live

  3. Maybe get them on earlier at night. Missed my cocoa that night🤣🤣🤣

  4. Shaun Burch says:

    Fantastic at the last one, this will be a busy night……..

  5. Greg Gibb says:

    Brilliant news I was really hoping this would be announced 👍👍👍

  6. John Higgy says:

    Can they go on a bit earlier for us old folks 😀

  7. On a bit earlier next year please!

  8. Please please little earlier than this year!Too old for all nights party😂

  9. Seen them six times since July 2021. Can’t wait to see them a seventh.

  10. Jimi Curry says:

    Can’t wait! My kids are excited to see them play

  11. I’ll give them a try, not seen them yet.

  12. Paula Hall says:

    Right that’s it we are definitely going now….xxx x

  13. Mark Gilman says:

    More boring than Sleaford Mods

  14. Tom Marshall says:

    Cant wait for this..Missed him last time he was up at Blackpool

  15. Mike Eslea says:

    Brilliant set last year, can’t wait to see them again!

  16. Great performance last year

  17. Awesome! Slayed it this year.

  18. Phil Rowland says:

    They are not for me as I had to leave the room after a small number of songs but good luck to them as they seem to have a few fans at Rebellion

  19. Chris Pow says:

    Hope he’s not at stupid o’clock like last time!!! But definitely worth the wait!!

  20. Blinding show last year – big up the Bob’s!

  21. Mad innit really!? So Bob Vylan, who don’t CONFORM (punk rule no.1 I thought!?) to a ‘typical’ punk sound and are apparently a bit “rappy” and “shouty” (aww bless), are also completely ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT and 100% DIY…

    …are being told they’re NOT punk by people with pictures of the Royal family and flags of their country in their profile pics🤷🏼‍♂️

    How dem boots taste?😂

  22. Toyiah Adams says:

    Aha I love the posts that are all “where’s the old punk bands” because “I was an original punk”

    If that’s the way you want it to go, once those “old” bands have died out you just want punk to die out too?

    It’s not just an imagine, it’s not just its the old bands that are punk. Keep punk alive, don’t be stubborn and put a guard up to new music. You say it’s all shouty blah blah blah but have you listened to what they’re “shouting” about? It’s current times, the world we live in now and why we should be fucking angry about it!

    A lot probably won’t because as we’ve seen already, lots of right wing shit 🤦🏻‍♀️

  23. Bob Campbell says:


  24. Andy Large says:

    Better than big country 😂😂😂 not going next year, give it a miss for a year

  25. Bob Campbell says:

    It has always bothered me the absence of coloured skin tones in the punk movement. There are some, but nowhere near enough. We are anti-fascist, anti-racist, but almost 100% white as a culture. We NEED more punks like Vylan, Babar Luck, Perkele, The Bolokos, The Rumkicks, King Prawn, Pure Hell

  26. Punk as a movement, not a particular musical style.

  27. David Graham says:

    The Ho99o9 would also be great on a bill some year, maybe even more punky. Fuck it add Death Grips too why not lol

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