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Rebellion Festival news: BIG COUNTRY – Confirmed for Rebellion 2023….

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BIG COUNTRY - Confirmed for Rebellion 2023....

Latest update from Rebellion Festival

BIG COUNTRY – Confirmed for Rebellion 2023.
Next year will be the 40th Anniversary of their seminal debut album THE CROSSING and they’ll be heading over the border to Blackpool for our Punk Rock party.


LINE UP SO FAR HERE: https://www.rebellionfestivals.com/line-up

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Rebellion Punk Music Festival



20 Responses

  1. Peter Jones says:

    Fantastic. Playing two gigs with them this weekend with the lee harveys!

  2. Not punk, but miles better than some of the shite people like to believe is punk these days. Decent headline act

  3. Loved The Crossing when I was 13 but I’ve never seen them live, so a good addition for me.

  4. Wow I loved that album when I was 13 be worth a re listen !

  5. Nigel Crick says:

    They were with Stuart the greatest band ever

  6. Seen em with Stuart buffalo skinner’s tour best live band I’ve ever seen, don’t know about this line up tho….🤔

  7. Lisa Cobley says:

    Brilliant addition to the festival 👏

  8. Will there be an outside stage again?

  9. Andrew Brown says:

    Think one original member, so ticks all the boxes.

  10. Mark Gilman says:

    One original member. More like a Big Country tribute band

  11. Keith Haynes says:

    Another great coup for Rebellion Punk Music Festival Its no good saying only one or two members etc. Look at the uk subs as an example. They never let anyone down regardless. It’s 2022 ffs ! 😂

  12. Who doesn’t love a bit of Big Country?

  13. Them and the skids obviously interlinked..saw both in Glasgow..should be good.

  14. Worst band of my last year, no thankyou

  15. Fantastic, and the opera house perfect we can hospital food play Darren Russell-Smith pls

  16. Maybe the least punk group ever to play a punk festival😀,

  17. Genuine question. I’m seeing Mark and Bruce in this pic. How do the other guys shape up? (Haven’t seen them live since The Seer)

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