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Leeds Festival


Who are your must-sees on this years line up? 😌 Reminder – there are ❌NO CLASHES❌ between Main Stage East and Main Stage West!


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  1. Chris Dunn says:

    ‘No clashes’ but you have 10-15 minutes to get from East to West stage… no thanks 🥴 The line up is getting worse every year. It’s attracting young chavvy kids who have adopted the ‘mosh pits’ into their artists sets but don’t help each other when they get hurt and let’s not forget two girls getting injected at Arctic Monkeys. Just ain’t safe or fun anymore.

  2. Seriously ask any seasoned Leeds fest folk and I bet all would say scrap the two stages and at least try have one decent line up. It’s ruined Leeds altogether

  3. Sarah Schofield Ella Schofield 👀

  4. Yeahhhhh hard pass. It just isn’t what it used to be, which is what made it what it was

  5. I’m gonna pass this year

  6. Chris Lownds says:

    Literally no one at all

  7. Dan Campy says:

    None, if YMA6 and Don Broco are rhe best you can do what was a rock festival than you are in trouble. Headliners have no real contrast in styles so little choice for anybody with different tastes

  8. Ryan Duffy says:

    Ted De the two main stages ffs

  9. The dealer in the car park

  10. You killed the festival that meant so much to me. Rock is starting to come back alive, the people want it and you’re not listening.

  11. Erica Dale says:

    How much are Tix been sold

  12. Literally nobody since you decided to do away with real bands and appeal the the radio 1 masses

  13. Invest your money here we are 💯safe and legit

  14. Erica Dale says:

    Celebration 🥳🎉 mode Activated 😂

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