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READING & LEEDS FESTIVAL NEWS: Want to camp in luxury at Leeds Festival 2022? We got you! Camping Plus is a f…

Latest Festival Flyer update from Reading and Leeds Festivals

Leeds Festival


Want to camp in luxury at Leeds Festival 2022? We got you! 🤝 Camping Plus is a amazing camping option at a private campsite with 24 security, toilets 🚽 warm showers🚿 pamper area with blow dryers & other appliances & more! 🤩 Click link below for more info & tickets! 👇 https://www.leedsfestival.com/news/camping-plus-2021/


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32 Responses

  1. Abigail Lydia says:

    Natalie Code yes pls

  2. Esme Sembi says:

    Isobel Lingard

  3. Sarah Cresswell says:

    Gemma Whaley please🙏🏼I promise I’ll be good this time🙏🏼😍xxxx

  4. Sophie Pratt says:


  5. Megan Bird says:

    Ash Brough fancy it 😂

  6. Cindy Johnson says:

    Lily Moor

  7. Natalie Georgina says:

    Kelly Mitchell Mariana Fowkes 😁😁

  8. Cathal Meredith says:

    Conlagh Finnegan that’s more like it 😂

  9. Laura Mary Ingber says:

    Millie-Anne Ingber

  10. Emily Adam says:

    Gabrielle Brady-Tweedy 😂

  11. Mick Ellender says:

    Taylor Ellender Joe Ellender

  12. Rebecca Bradley says:

    Robert Leeming 💃😂

  13. Ella Robinson says:

    Rachel Winstanley this might persuade Joe Wheller to come lol

  14. Sam Richardson says:

    Weird to list the exact amount of security guards In the area is this at all times?

  15. Natalie Gorwill says:

    Nadina Dubure think we’d need this next year🤣

  16. Jaime Kilpatrick says:

    Scott Buchanan??

  17. Lydia Gamez says:

    Phoebe Hanslow would this make it more tempting

  18. Georgia Bonser says:

    Kyle Rogerson

  19. Kimberly Barker says:


  20. Em Clarke says:

    Amanda Sagar

  21. Nicola Metcalf says:

    Harry Osborne look at this for camping x

  22. Elaine Haddon says:

    Dani Haddon

  23. Aprill Richards says:

    Jamie Spiers 24 security for that small area seems excessive. 🤣

  24. Emma Louise Fawcett says:

    Josh Fawcett this is what you boys should get!! Xx

  25. Liam Taylor says:

    Sarah Wilko

  26. Melissa Leanne Smith says:

    Imran Bhutto Emily Leanne

  27. Kaelyn Nicholson says:

    Kent Mcdowall Max Kerr

  28. Amanda Ball says:

    Olivia Ball 😉

  29. Vanessa C Bullock says:


  30. Shannon Graham says:


  31. Natalie Jones says:

    Katelan Jones Millie Smith ied get this next year 😂

  32. Sammie Logan says:

    Ben Grubb that looks niceeee to be fair… x

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