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READING & LEEDS FESTIVAL NEWS: #LookOutForEachOther Key details

Latest Festival Flyer update from Reading and Leeds Festivals

Leeds Festival


Leeds Safety Checklist ⚠️‼️

• Always make your friends aware of your location! Try to stay in your groups as much as possible

• Don’t forget to #LookOutForEachOther If you see something out of place – let a member of staff know!

• There is no safe level of drug use. The safest way is to not use AT ALL ❌ Remember to drink responsibly! 🔞

• BrookCharity will be on site providing free condoms as well as advice and guidance on sexual health. Remember, consent is important!

• Get to know those who are camping around you – it’s useful to be familiar with your surroundings!

• Each campsite has a zone campsite office who can help with any problems you have ℹ️

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#LookOutForEachOther Key details

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