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Leeds Festival


Leeds Safety Checklist ⚠️‼️

• Always make your friends aware of your location! Try to stay in your groups as much as possible

• Don’t forget to #LookOutForEachOther If you see something out of place – let a member of staff know!

• There is no safe level of drug use. The safest way is to not use AT ALL ❌ Remember to drink responsibly! 🔞

• BrookCharity will be on site providing free condoms as well as advice and guidance on sexual health. Remember, consent is important!

• Get to know those who are camping around you – it’s useful to be familiar with your surroundings!

• Each campsite has a zone campsite office who can help with any problems you have ℹ️

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#LookOutForEachOther Key details


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  1. What do we need covid wise to get in please guys🙏

  2. Sadly need to transfer my tickets to someone 😓😓 Message me if you’re interested

  3. Vicky Penn says:

    hey! can someone explain what the anachronica stage is and if it will be on, on friday?

  4. This is good advice and great that you’re advising the young people how to look after each other. However, I am utterly appalled that there is a Covid vaccination centre at the festival. Teenagers away from home, possibly under the influence of alcohol or drugs, should not be offered vaccines at a festival. It’s the wrong place for this. What happens if they get an adverse reaction? Sorry but you have really got this wrong.

  5. Katie Amelia Adam Thomas Holly Bilham Callum Adamson

  6. Leeds Festival how do we get a car park hanger please?

  7. Tom Lyon says:

    Sam Hirst some info here for you

  8. Anyone one still looking for Sunday tickets? I’m looking to get rid of mine.

  9. Hello,i and my husband won’t be able to attend this event due to some situation that happened ,I’m looking to resell our tickets at a reasonable price,thanks

  10. Josh Harden says:

    Ready to let my ticket go for cheap price.I can’t attend the festival anymore😞

  11. Josh Harden says:

    Dm if you are interested in getting ticket. Please don’t come to
    My Dm
    With trust issues.Thanks.

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