READING & LEEDS FESTIVAL NEWS: LINEUP COUNTDOWN – Announcement coming on Wednesday! Final chance to purchase …

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Leeds Festival


LINEUP COUNTDOWN – Announcement coming on Wednesday! πŸ•β— Final chance to purchase LAST few remaining First Release tickets before price increase, general release tickets and payment plans available from Friday 10th December! Watch this space…πŸ‘€ LAST first release tickets:


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50 Responses

  1. Kelly Nicholls says:

    Taylor Dockerty Brooke Bartrop New Susan Appleton

  2. Megan Armstrong says:

    Lucy Armstrong

  3. Xara Jayne Elliott says:

    Amy Greenwood

  4. Yuvie Banks says:

    Beth Sykes Katie Monaghan line up Wednesday ahhh

  5. Libby Duggan says:

    Dan Kara Matt Pidgeon

  6. Louisa May Dixon says:

    Stuart Hill please be good… 🀞🏻🀞🏻

  7. Janet Clark says:

    Ella Clark

  8. Katie Weightman says:

    Sienna Armstrong

  9. Danny Carnegie says:

    Lorna Debra Mary Worth

  10. Sophie Pratt says:

    Regan 🀩🀩🀩

  11. Darcy Jo Horton says:

    Tilly Marie Bailey X Tegan Harker Katie Colledge Ella Richardson New

  12. Kirsten Victoria says:

    Jessica Coyle Lidija Rybal Shirelle Kettlewell Cerys Anna Leigh Kurt Lawrence Julie Lawrence

  13. Alex Tinsley says:

    Kate Aldred

  14. Olivya Simone says:

    Josh Metcalfe Liam Clem Kavanagh Gavin Woodward Vicky Louise Askew

  15. Abigail McMyler says:

    Scott Ffs no money😭

  16. Tom Withe says:

    Jack Smethurst Andy Rourke Ashley Higham Connor Halliwell Jake O’Rourke Jack Halligan we game or what

  17. Thomas White says:

    Daniel Green

  18. Skye Fenn says:

    Amy Thompson

  19. Abbie Page says:

    Ryan Hubball Jake Gibbs🧐

  20. Rebekah Hill says:

    Jess JessicaNic Picton anatha wan x

  21. Luke Sach says:

    Connor Barnes Laura Smith

  22. Sarah Hunt says:

    Rebecca Haskell

  23. Ellie Kavanagh says:

    Chloe Hart Chloe Mastersonexcited !

  24. Shirleyann Spence-Hirst says:

    Stephanie Spence-Hirst

  25. Caitlin Savage says:

    Marcos Alves Brooke Milner

  26. Kaitlin Warrington says:

    Maya Ward

  27. Caitlyn Amess says:

    Amelia Harrop

  28. Abbie Tweddell says:

    Leah Charlton

  29. Libby Cummings says:

    Melissa Nell ????

  30. Lacey Myers says:

    Talia Toby

  31. Megan Mills says:

    Jodie Kennedy Shannon Renkin Shannon Nesbitt Caitlyn Pickering Jack Robinson Maisie Wilkinson

  32. Evie Shipley says:

    Maya Ripley

  33. Chloe Thomas says:

    Millie Morris

  34. Katrisha Saleh says:

    Isabel Richardson !!

  35. Josh Delaney says:

    Emma Carpenter Josh Ward Jack Shelswell

  36. Alice 'Nutty' Ball says:

    Inayah Bell

  37. Esme Errington says:

    Chiara Beard

  38. Lydia Thomas says:

    Jimmy Thomas!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Nia Wilson says:

    Lewie Stacey Katie Holden

  40. Jessica Biddlestone says:

    Grace Armin

  41. Lucy Bush says:

    Amber Scott Jasmin Fox Georgia Massey

  42. Casey Mitchell says:

    Star Laycock Lilly Jubb

  43. Lauren Jessica says:

    Who needs ticket?

  44. Adam Welsh says:

    Brian Mulhern

  45. Anneliese Stapleton says:

    Curtis Cook??

  46. Maya McNaught says:

    Chloe Turner

  47. Emma Davies says:

    Gavin Davies Jason Crookes Beth Crookes Luke Wilson Katie Wilson Shannon Brown Joshua Brown

  48. Ewelina Krupa says:

    Georgia Hobson Demi Mae

  49. Eryk Gadomski says:

    Vicky Norris Nicole Hawes

  50. Liam Cook says:

    Jessica Mulligan Holly Butler πŸ‘€ are we too old or can we do another one? (More so me and Hess, holly is still a fresh chicken lmao)

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