READING & LEEDS FESTIVAL NEWS: Liam Gallagher will play the BIGGEST show of his solo career next June at Knebwo…

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Leeds Festival


Liam Gallagher will play the BIGGEST show of his solo career next June at Knebworth Park! 🀩 Pre-order his album before Weds 6th Oct for ticket pre-sale access! πŸ‘€πŸŽ‰ Click below for more info! ⬇️


38 Responses

  1. Katelyn Mensah says:

    Nathan O’Hara Frazer Burke

  2. James Baker says:

    Sarah Green

  3. Shaun Parkin says:

    Molly Parkin

  4. Jessica Jobling says:

    Louie Jobling

  5. Rayna Robinson says:

    Jasmine Clegg

  6. Mark Peter Hudson says:

    Dean Carroll Pre stag do

  7. Ashley Jasper Wood says:

    Chase Mitchell-Roberts babe omg we need to go, Knebworth!

  8. Ben Keeling says:

    Joe Beeston Lucas Kinnersley Sam Keeling

  9. Elle Dick says:

    Lee Brown

  10. Elle Dick says:

    Lennon Lowden

  11. Morgan Down says:

    Harry Thompson

  12. Claire Hickey says:

    Adrian Hickey

  13. Jenny Hall says:

    John Richardson

  14. Allan Niles says:

    Samantha Tull

  15. Jay Doherty says:

    Kirsteen Doherty

  16. Benjamin Snarski says:

    William Saddington WAP

  17. Sarah Cresswell says:

    Gemma Whaley

  18. Laura Clegg says:

    Josh Askham Jack Gibson cant tag amy!

  19. Kerrie Cass says:

    Gareth Cooke xx

  20. Ashleigh Ollivant says:

    Chris Ryder

  21. Joel Grioli says:

    Sophie Ellis

  22. Charlotte Byrne says:

    Emily Glenn

  23. Jess Parsonage says:

    Luke Gallagher

  24. Evie Wadkin says:

    Kim Smith

  25. Billy Chapman says:

    Claire Chapman????

  26. Abbie Gardner says:

    Sarah Gardner

  27. Grace Hopkinson says:

    Christopher Jackson

  28. Jack Twite says:

    Richard Panks

  29. Elle Dick says:

    Kevin Lowden Ian Lowden Lennon Lowden fancy this ??

  30. Jess Winton Slater says:

    Yzzy Heyes

  31. Amy Plumbridge says:

    Lewis Garbo Fancy going? πŸ‘€

  32. Claire Edwards says:

    Michelle Thompson

  33. Beth Dixon says:

    Macauley Haywood omggggggg

  34. Natalie Addy Cuthbert says:

    Gary Cuthbert

  35. Lucy Sheard says:

    Matty Wootton

  36. Kerry 'Nelson' Heath says:

    Marc Heath Kian Heath

  37. Millie Grubb says:

    Paul Grubb !!!

  38. Charlotte Elizabeth says:

    Rebecca Ellen!! Do we do it?!

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