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READING & LEEDS FESTIVAL NEWS: Leeds 2021 was a movie! Want to relive some of your memories? Head to our websi…

Latest Festival Flyer update from Reading and Leeds Festivals

Leeds Festival


Leeds 2021 was a movie! 🎥🎉 Want to relive some of your memories? Head to our website below for some of our best moments! 🔥 https://www.leedsfestival.com/news/relive-the-best-leeds-festival-2021-moments


14 Responses

  1. Jack Hughes says:

    Worst highlight videos I’ve ever seen BBC should of recorded leeds instead of reading, crowd was far much better

  2. Louise Jane Wood says:

    Shannon Stewart

  3. Laura Alex Mowlam says:

    Adam Harrison I hate to brag but…

  4. Hollie Middleton says:

    Caitlin Cox don’t want to relive his set again that’s for sure

  5. Jess Sparks says:

    Robert Lacey Lewis Joinson Carina Marie “WIDER WIDER WIDER”

  6. Russell Henderson says:

    Put up a few photos of the mess left behind. That will sober you up.

  7. Chloe Shepherd says:

    Kayley Roland Cameron Gwatkin

  8. Jennifer Mcgreavey says:

    What about low-lights Leeds Festival? I’ll start…
    * Cashless festival that doesn’t provide WiFi to traders so they demand cash which no-one has 🤷🏻‍♀️
    * not enough bars or bar staff
    * Carlsberg… enough said
    * No choice of drinks… vodka only available with red bull (diabetics dream)
    * Running out of wine on Friday night… really?
    * Poor organisation… day tickets holders have to walk through camp sites & way in/way out for vehicles the same so had to swerve on to grass
    Bands were great but 3rd time at Leeds and pretty sure it’ll be our last after this year.

  9. Glen Holt says:

    My daughter went and I can safley say the tents and all the equipment are back in the garage .As a guide was taught to leave the field as she found it .Pity more don’t share this mentality and get out of this throwaway society idea .

  10. Annela Jackson says:

    Harvey x

  11. Terry Patton says:

    How do AI get one of the tents left behind? I am looking for a 6 person tent I can stand up in. Is there a phone number point of contact for organisers?

  12. Alan Cullum says:

    How do you get permission to go collect tents n sleeping bags for the homeless it’s bad to see them get destroyed when they may save a life this coming winter

  13. Fare James says:

    Glad I didn’t go

  14. Georgia Kelso says:

    Caitlin Maughan

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