READING FESTIVAL NEWS: We’ve just announced more acts for Reading and Leeds including SecondCity, DJ Zi…

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Latest update from Reading Festival

We’ve just announced more acts for Reading and Leeds including SecondCity, DJ Zinc, Milky Chance, RED FANG, The Wytches, Empress AD, Misty Miller, Sweethead,and Sinead Harnett
Read the full names here:
Reading Festival is now completely SOLD OUT, Leeds tickets still available here:



25 Responses

  1. Jaroslav Leto says:

    blink 182!!!

  2. Darryl Quested says:

    How band of skulls are above we are scientists I have no idea, but at least it’ll stop any headline clash.

  3. Oliver Phillips says:

    The Friday lineup is amazing…

  4. Felix Tait says:

    Tom Stevens Ollie Grogono

  5. Chanan Aujla says:

    the link doesnt work :/

  6. Chris McSweeney says:

    Benjamin Macrory Fucking Flatliners, bro :O

  7. Charleen Ch-arleen says:

    Anna Jnnck , da musst du hiiiin!

  8. Christine Sweet says:

    Surprised that Jamie T wasn’t added

  9. Ian Prince says:

    Sorry you can’t come in here!

    Back you go.

  10. Frankie Bowhay says:

    Jason Tyler

  11. Victoria Phillips says:

    Elena Curnock

  12. Finton Hurst says:

    Jacobs Bagshaw Wytches are playing now

  13. Gem Sturgess says:

    Are there gonna be any more for the main stage?

  14. Laëtitia Chica says:

    I want to cry everytime I see the lineup of this festival. Next year i’ll go for sure.

  15. Yasmin Cristina Cuel says:

    Mathias Pellissari esse é o festival reading, mas que toca musica… tanta coisa boa!

  16. Caitlin Rigler says:

    Ciaran Milky chance!

  17. Olly Papierowski says:

    Natassia Fox

  18. Nathan Deeks says:

    Dirty dike is playing reading! Chesney Mumford Khiran Sparks Aaron Gosden

  19. Shaun Nedd says:

    Laura Chilvers

  20. Nyree Cook says:

    Saxon Cook

  21. Dan Costa says:

    Izzy Bougeard milky chance!

  22. Marta Kaczmarek says:

    Looking for ONE weekend ticket to reading, please add/message/email me DONT MIND IF ITS EARLY BIRD OR NOT

  23. Natasha Mills says:

    Yes :)) Lynsey Conio Kate Walklett Ray Mills

  24. Becky Taunton says:

    When are you guys telling us who’s on the alternative stage, mm?

  25. Sophie Bentley says:

    the vaccines and foals seriously have to be added 😭

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