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READING FESTIVAL NEWS: Today in 1991 Nirvana released ‘Nevermind’ so naturally we’re reliving their set…

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Latest update from Reading Festival

Today in 1991 Nirvana released ‘Nevermind’ so naturally we’re reliving their set with us from 1992. 🀘
Are there any sets from Reading that you wish you could have seen / sets you could see again? ❀️️

Music video by Nirvana performing Smells Like Teen Spirit. (C) 2009 Geffen Records



25 Responses

  1. Daniel Jay Toms the best day ☺️

  2. Muse @ Reading 2011 was a great set. Played the whole of “Origin of Symmetry” in one night, followed by a few more of their greatest hits

  3. Greig Roe says:

    Lost Prophets 2009

  4. Stuart Eadie says:

    I would love to see Nirvana live and the one I would see again would the enemy or foo fighters saw both of them and they are amazing

  5. Foo Fighters 2012 & Metallica 2015

  6. Oasis What a night that was

  7. Adam Taylor says:

    Prodigy 96 and 98 both amazing nights

  8. Russ Reed says:

    Rage Against The Machine

  9. Ashley Miles says:

    Oh back when Reading was a good festival. Sadly I wasn’t even born til 94. Reading fest truly died a death around 2014.

  10. Ian Carroll says:

    Hanoi Rocks in ’83 and Ben Folds Five in ’95

  11. Wish I could see – this, SOAD and Metallica 2003, see again – Rage against the machine and tenacious d 08, Biffy Clyro 2013

  12. My dad was there for this, he didnt realise he had been there until about a month ago when his friend told him how they had been and seen Nirvana together at Reading that year

  13. Sids ‘ash’ Sidey 🀘🏻

  14. I wish I could have seen RIDE who headlined the day before nirvana played in 1992

  15. Moira Hook says:

    Therapy? at Reading ’92

  16. Foo fighters 2012 for sure 🀘

  17. Luke Hill says:

    Biffy Clyro put on an unreal set in 2013 was quite surprised how good it was

  18. Tal Dahari Ayelet Maizner

  19. Of ones where I’ve been there I’d relive Rage Against the Machine 2008, Green Day 2004 and the Libertines/Arcade Fire back to back night 2010.

  20. I was there, they were awful..I’d like to see Bad News again from 87, who were also awful but that was the point!

  21. Paul Noone says:

    Jeff Buckley 94. Oh oh oh and the Amazons this year. I cried at both. 1st because I’m a big wetter and 2nd because me and my daughter emerged unscathed after an Amazons mosh pit just appeared from nowhere. Both great gigs.

  22. Ben Addison says:

    Tegan Allard-Austin

  23. Alex Bodman says:

    Regret going to Deadmau5 instead of Kendrick & wish Tyler didn’t get banned from the UK in 2015

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