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READING FESTIVAL NEWS: Not long to go now. Reading weekend tickets have SOLD OUT. See you down the fron…

Latest update from Reading Festival

Not long to go now. Reading weekend tickets have SOLD OUT. See you down the front! http://po.st/Y2f1Vd



25 Responses

  1. Chris Dunne says:

    Nicky ‘Nautical’ Johnson

  2. Drummer Yeti says:

    Joel Barrett Jon McRoe Christian Cornwell

  3. Joel Benjanim McMordie says:

    William Raype Rachele Chan

  4. Kirsty Freeman says:

    Glad we booked yours last week lol! Zak Riches

  5. Louis Coupe says:

    cannot wait!

  6. Jon Pemberton says:

    Ash !

  7. Maddie Loveridge says:

    I’m selling a ticket, message me for details

  8. Patrick Fly Basson says:

    NO!! 🙁 I need 2 tickets!!

  9. Tim Dodgson says:

    Alex Chilvers

  10. Jonny Slevin says:

    James Marshall StacK

  11. Al Austin says:

    Lloyd Habberley

  12. Ryan Patterson says:

    Matty O’Dee Brogan McIntyre Tommy O’Neill

  13. Chloe Ann Evans says:

    Jamie Yapp

  14. Chris Newman says:

    I need a early entry ticket. Will pay more than face value.

  15. Samuel Austin Lomax says:

    Well there you go Andreas Waterboy Johnstone

  16. Jasleen Dhindsa says:

    Kirsten Sutherland you’re screwed

  17. Stacey Bennett says:

    Ahhhhh!!!! So excited, Vikki Bennett #glamping

  18. Wayne Goldie says:

    Gutted was getting it this week aswell Luke Marley Mac

  19. Sean Dominey says:

    Cannot wait for this now ARCTIC MONKEYS SATURDAY HELL YES Nico Lefeaux Carl Dominey Maggie Collard Rianna Hassell Emma Warner Sian Anna Leon Olley Jordan Byfield Sam Usuga Joshy Clements

  20. Chloe Martin says:

    Bradley Hicks Nathan Laurence Alexander Forbes Kalvin Iss Brown thankful I got mine 👏

  21. Rachael Anne Penny says:

    Toby Warren looks like you’ll be working 😏😐

  22. Lucy Laughton says:

    Sheree Delilah Warren 😢 we’ve defo gotta get those free leeds tickets now!!! Keep your fingers and toes crossed my love!!!xxx

  23. Rachael Anne Penny says:

    Charlie Hornshaw

  24. Liam Andrews says:

    Ted Young…

  25. Eugene Dokha says:

    Luke Danger Fallon front?

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