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READING FESTIVAL NEWS: Hands up who’s finished their exams and can’t wait for Reading?!?…

Latest update from Reading Festival

Hands up who’s finished their exams and can’t wait for Reading?!?
66 days to go, get ready with our Spotify playlist: http://po.st/RL14Spotify



25 Responses

  1. William Wieliczko says:

    end on thursday

  2. Chelsea Codd says:

    Boo Owen

  3. Daniel Chilcott says:

    love you’re embracing that 90% of the crowd are still in school 😉

  4. Kara Cleary says:

    Antony Boonen

  5. Alex Doe says:

    Finished school, hell yeah, can’t wait for reading

  6. Alex Harper says:

    Tess Milligan Megan Mower

  7. George Harris says:

    3 more exams, but I’ll be there 😀

  8. Stephen Kim Lenahan says:

    Uh finished 8 years ago lol x

  9. Shivani Kanabar says:

    Darn I’ve got 3 to go; I finish on Thursday and then it’s time to prepare for this super weekend! XD

  10. Peter Johnson says:

    Kids are assholes

  11. Leah Haley says:

    James Fawcett

  12. Darryl Quested says:

    I’m too old for bloody exams. Still excited though.

  13. Josh Spence says:

    Cathy Bastian Hannah Stokes

  14. Dean Bannister says:

    I dont have exams

  15. Lizzie Camp says:

    Phoenix WhiteGurl Davis SO EXCITED

  16. Dan Cliff says:

    Just finished college now all I have to do is wait…

  17. Cassie Wallis Jane says:

    So excited !!!! <3

  18. Natasha Mills says:

    Wohooo Ray Mills Sean Scard Lynsey Conio Kate Walklett

  19. Ambs Davies says:

    Parris Jones Izzy Wood

  20. Tomm Wates says:

    Alice Flory

  21. Paula Purdy says:

    Gonna be the best weekend of my live! Seeinnng like 10 of my favourite bands all together in one weekend is just a dream !

  22. Christina Bennington says:

    It’s true the average age the last few years has dropped a lot i trip over them on the ground during various times of the day can’t handle their drink bless.

  23. Berill Bobal says:


  24. Rosie Instrall says:

    Sheree Bhalsod 👌

  25. Lucy Georgina Evans says:


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