Alongside all the many festival press releases that come our way daily we get a scattering from hopeful PR types trying to get us to review new albums.

Now as a rule we don’t review albums…after all, aren’t they a dying artform in these days of blip-vert culture. An anachronism hanging over us from the days when music really mattered?

But thankfully of course there are still bands out there who have stood the test of time, weathered well, and remember what it means to package up 10 or 12 great songs into one long-playing dollop of listening pleasure.

Welcome The Cravats – and their soon-to-be-released ‘Dustbin of Sound‘ (29 September).

Back in 1977 the band rode the tidal wave of punk.

Today they retain that edge and have carved out a joyous romp that fuses discordant jazz and unconventional song-writing into an unforgettable slab of delirious delight.

In the great tradition of describing music by referencing other music we’d put this somewhere in the middle of a Venn diagram at the point where Otway, Beefheart, and The Bonzos overlap.

Here’s the single they put out in advance of Dustbin of Sound – Jingo Bells

You can see the band live at a string of UK dates coming up over the next few months (hopefully they will add them to their Facebook page so we can share them with you) – and we’ll be angling to get them onto a few more festival stages next year. The world needs to experience this first-hand.

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The Cravats

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The Cravats

We supported The Birthday Party at the Zigzag Club 36 years ago. 'I Hate The Universe' was filmed on Super8 with sound. I have been trying to track down this footage ever since and traced filmmaker Simon Towle to his home in NZ. The fine chap has had it tranferred to a digital format and I have watched all 15 mins of this ancient artefact. Yes, it's grainy, lowlight and needs some masterly editing but all I can say is ruddy flipping hell! ... See MoreSee Less


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Are you going to share it?

How exciting 🙂

Superb stuff

I was there.

Birmingham Zig Zag ??

Look forward to seeing it

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