Bloodstock Festival 2017 Preview

The best heavy festival in the UK, maybe even Europe and beyond

As UK’s premier metal festival prepares to enshroud Derbyshire in it’s black embrace once again, these are the bands that will be the jewels on Satan’s scepter. If you fancy going then be quick, weekend tickets have sold out and only a few day ones remain!

Bloodstock Open Air 2017 is almost upon us. Before it opens it’s gaping maw in a guitar wailing scream, deafening all in a blaze of pitting and drinking, we take a moment to direct your attention to the lineup.

Band to See – Ghost

We’ll be honest with you. We usually we go with several youtube videos pushing various bands to buffer out the content. However just look at that lineup. There’s no way we could pick several or a dozen choices to go and see. The quality is deep this year we’d be amazed if anyone will be hanging around back at camp during the afternoons and early evenings.

Amon, Guardian, Testament, Decapitated, Whitechapel and that’s just one stage on one day. Most heavy festivals would love that over the weekend.

However if there was one band we suggest you go and see, that band is Ghost. Whether it’s the music, theatrics or to see if they come good to the annoyance of trolls everywhere, your not going to forget their set in a hurry.

Honourable mention – Skindred

I mean, just look at the video

Why should I go?

It’s everything a good festival should be:

  • Perfect size to walk around from camping to arena.
  • Weather is exclusively brilliant
  • Atmosphere is second to none with staff, punters, security all singing from the same (satanic) hymn sheet
  • Wide range of alcohol at the bars and a decent mix of foods
  • New blood stage exhibits up and coming bands and gives them a platform to prove themselves
  • Family friendly, lone camper friendly… get the picture?

It’s a festival that words alone can’t do justice. It’s one of those “you had to be there maaaaan” moments. Once you go, you’ll understand what the fuss is about. In fact, it has this rare ability to grow bigger and better each year and even with that, weekend tickets have sold out with only a few day tickets left on sale.

Remember we’re talking about metalheads here. If there is an elitist opinion in music to be found in social media, it’s bound to come from a metalhead (I know, I am one) so for the biggest Bloodstock to date to sell out of weekend tickets should not be overlooked.

It’s the home of heavy but that doesn’t mean those of you with a lighter taste need avoid it. If you want to see the premier heavy festival in the UK, give Bloodstock a chance. What’s the worst that could happen!


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