Beautiful Days Bandstand 2018 – you won’t want to miss this…

For 2018 the Beautiful Days Bandstand team have pulled out all the stops to bring you a weekend full of delicious delights.

Get your ears around this lot and prepare yourself for three days of musical joy.

And remember – if you don’t yet have a ticket there are a smalll number still up for grabs … but not many!

Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer

Now into the second decade of Chap-Hop, Mr.B has released seven albums, toured the world and garnered millions of video views of his musical world which many first dismissed as a joke. HIs oeuvre continues to spread beats, rhymes and manners across a world increasingly in need of it. ‘Hip-Hop comedy genius’- The Telegraph

Davey Malone

“A folk-punk phenomenon, a dark and dodgy dealer in high tragedy, comedy and sparkling morality. He’ll have you laughing, weeping and thinking things you won’t want to mention in polite company. Blending powerful political folk numbers with comic ditties, Davey seizes the crowd’s attention with witty quips and anecdotes of his colourful career. Commanding the stage with charisma and talent both, he delivers entertainment in spades”

The United Stoats of America

The Stoats spotted that tunes like I Gotta A Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas and I Don’t Feel Like Dancing by the Scissor Sisters along with a load of songs by Mary Hopkins, Atomic Kitten, U2, Roberta Flack and Queen are really only rollicking hillbilly tunes that were ruined by being played with the wrong instruments and that artists like Johnny Cash, Jim Reeves and Hank Williams had some great ideas for songs, but didn’t really finish ’em off or play them at the right speed. The Stoats take the essence of bluegrass, rockabilly & skiffle and add some rock solid drumming and a gallon of cider and transform other people songs into something totally unique.
“Quite professional” Melanie Stovell – The British Meat Foundation.
At Guilfest (after flying a plane over the site advertising their appearance) Stoats were spectacularly joined on stage by a shed load of special guests including the Leveller’s sound engineer, a drag artist, 30 fez heads, 2 belly dancers, a bald giant painted in the stars and stripes and a stuffed camel, for one of the most entertaining visual shows of the festival.

Mik Artistik’s Ego Trip

“The best live band I have seen all summer”
BBC 6Music Presenter Gideon Coe
“As mad as a wasp trapped under a pint glass”
BBC 6Music Presenter Shaun Keaveny

How do you describe Mik Artistik’ Ego Trip?, you simply don’t, it’s impossible to sum up the live Ego Trip experience, it has to be witnessed first hand for you to ‘get’ it ~ there’s nothing quite like it.

The three piece from Leeds have a growing national reputation and are proving to be one of the most interesting, unpredictable, and exciting acts on the circuit. They should be on the national health and are a tonic in these troubled times.

Keith Allen has one of the Band’s teapots, John Cooper Clarke called them ‘sensational’, and Glastonbury love them, last year wss their 10th invite back to the Worthy Farm Festival on the trot.

The band say they are influenced by people like Reeves & Mortimer, Half Man Half Biscuit and The Fall but their mix of Rock’n’ Roll & dry West Yorkshire wit is unique.

Medicine Hat

The soundtrack to Easy Rider – in full. Featuring Hammond organ and a Leslie Cabinet. EPIC.

The Cravats

Legendary Dada-fuelled, sax-riddled, bass-laden John Peel favourites from the Midlands who returned last year with the acclaimed LP, ‘Dustbin of Sound’. Sharp suits, frenetic, not normal, somewhat scary with a smile while Mr or Mrs H watch telly. What the hell is going on?

Jake and the Jellyfish

Jake and The Jellyfish are a folk/punk band from Leeds. From very DIY roots they have toured the UK and Europe for 6 years in a beaten up old post van. Having just released their 3rd album ‘Long in Winters’, they’re going from strength to strength, maturing their sound and mixing their energetic, passionate live show with relatable and intimate lyrics.

40 Shillings on the Drum

40 Shillings on the Drum are a folk/punk/ROCK band based in Brighton. They recently rounded off their first UK tour with five shows at Hastings Fat Tuesday festival and are now mid-way through a packed summer schedule including festivals and high-profile shows across England.

With an ever-expanding global fanbase, they have a Spotify presence which recently hit 40,000 monthly listeners – largely due to the international popularity of their debut EP, Beggars Who Believe, which proved a St Patrick’s weekend smash. The band plan to take on the world, one town at a time.

Hush Mozey

With their mix of Ska, Punk and Grunge music which they like to call ‘Drowzy Rock and Roll’, Hush Mozey have been fighting the modern musical mediocrity from within Bristol. Beginning to appear regularly on the the festival circuit (with performances at Y-Not, Truck and Glastonbury under their belts), Hush Mozey have grown a following of sinners and slackers who all share a common love for their new take on Rock and Roll music. Hush Mozey represent modern urban Britain and the new counter-culture of youth.


After a series of successful shows in Hastings – a town increasingly well-known for crafting sophisticated sounds – Someone Anyone is branching out.

The 6-piece band’s energy and passion on stage show they have something special that cannot be cultivated; it seems their hard work has paid off.
Each show is individualised by frontman Harry Osborne’s eccentric character, which is revealed with his comedic one-liners between songs. With a fresh line-up, Osborne will be joined on stage by James Gulliver (Drums), Jamie Thomas (Bass), Lewis Todd (Guitar), Dan McConkey (Saxophone) and Poppy Prescott (Backing Vocals).

The Haystingers

The Haystingers are a 5 piece Hillbilly-Boogie band from, you guessed it, Hastings. The line-up consists of Keith Osborne, (vocals, lap steel, guitar & banjo), Stevie Stone, (vocals & acoustic guitar), Clive Barker, (electric guitar & vocals), Tony O’Leary, (drums & vocals), and Jason Wilson, (double bass). They wear hats, great shirts, and play good ol’ country music to get you dancing and put a smile on your face. It’s Hillbilly- Boogie time!


Sometimes keyboard driven dub and space rock, sometimes long ambient voyages, and at times rhythmic Poetic reflections…Since the band’s inception, the basic concept has remained fairly constant as moods and ideas are gelled into sequenced synthesized passages, which are then torn apart by human interaction, and conjured up on stage.
Sembalance is currently, Bene on Synthesizers, Vocals and Harmonica, Martyn on Guitar and Vocals, Chris on Guitar.

Small Town Jones

“Vulnerable but with scuffed edges to his voice Jones has more in tune with the folk-rock of early John Martyn, whilst questing for hope, love and warmth rather than succumbing to despair and loss” – 4 STARS – Andy Fyfe – Jan 2016 – Q magazine

“Wilco-style tales of lost and lonesome outriders” – Dec 2015 – MOJO

“Songs of unpretentious honesty – like a British Ron Sexsmith” – Dec 2015 – UNCUT

Taya Minchington

Hand-picked from last year’s open mic performers, Taya is a talented 13 year old singer songwriter, whose ability to convert thoughts and emotions into beautiful lyrics belies her young age.
With an amazing voice and guitar skills to match, she regularly performs at venues across Dorset and Hampshire. She will shortly be recording her first E.P.

Some Bloke Called Paul

Every festival needs ‘Some Bloke Called Paul’ to mooch about the site looking dishevelled and scruffy while twisting people’s arms far enough up their backs they can’t refuse to come and see him perform. However, once he hits the stage Paul Coultas is transformed into a gleaming rock god who… [^ahem^ sorry, got carried away there…] anyway, on stage Paul bangs out great songs and is one of those brilliantly engaging performers who keeps the crowd amused as well as musically entertained. Highly recommended!

Buddha Triangle

Freestyle rhymes and sensual vibes covering a range of styles including funk, soul, reggae and hip hop. Buddha Triangle are based in Hastings and have been brought together by the love of jamming and making friendships. Expect high energy dancing, crowd participation and crazy outfits. No gig is ever the same and the sound is constantly evolving so get ready for a mental party!

The 286

The 286 are the UK’s only rock & roll orchestra, crossing guitar riffs with cello and violin solos. The London-based 7 piece create infectious pop/rock driven songs that sound like a collaboration between The Beatles and Beethoven.


Tongue-in-cheek and cheerful festival favourite

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