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Blue Monday? Let’s get through this together. We’ll share the love with a pair of Bestival 2018 tickets if you share your happiest Bestival memories below.

We’ll pick 1 winner from the entries below at 7pm tomorrow.
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Blue Monday? Let’s get through this together. We’ll share the love with a pair of Bestival 2018 tickets if you share your happiest Bestival memories below. 

We’ll pick 1 winner from the entries below at 7pm tomorrow.


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Massive congrats to Kate Wood who wins the Bestival tickets. And a huge thank you to everyone who posted all these amazing had us in tears at Bestival HQ!! ❤️

Bestival 2004, watching DJ Yoda (awesome! 😆) I had my first kiss with my boyfriend.... fast forward to Bestival 2015, watching Annie Mac (awesome! 😜) reminiscing about the last 11 years - a great marriage, three house moves and two very cool kids.... we’ve got a lot to thank you for Bestival ❤️👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🌈✨🍾💜

My absolute favourite moment of bestival had to be when I was dressed as Wilson the volleyball from Castaway in 2014, everywhere I walked hearing people shouting WILLLLLLLSSOOOOOOONNN!! And finally that evening in the big top, getting on my friends shoulders and then launching the outfit (a solid weeks worth of paper maché building) into the crowd and watching Wilson go bobbing along the sea of people into the distance and to its certain death. Wilson, gone but not forgotten 😢

Having just arrived on site as we passed through the port the captain approached me and said “ we’re missing an anchor on my vessel would you like to come aboard”. Amazing experience I’ll never forget. #bestdayever

Going to see this awesome guy! Mr B the gentleman rhymer in 2011 and then met him just wandering around the site. Great festival have had so much great fun and great memories! Went to 2007, 2009 & 2011, all fantastic! But particularly loved the first one 2007 where we first saw sea sick steve (had never heard of him before then, just taking a stroll) playing at the bandstand on a glorious warm sunny day drinking a cold pint of cider, eating fresh corn on the cob! What an amazing memory! Thankyou bestival for reminding me of that beautiful day! Xx 🌞🌞🌞🌞

Bestival 2007, meeting Scrubious Pip at the fancy dress tent n convincingly him to buy a goblin mask which he wore later on stage. 2008 dancing to Foals in the torrential rain right before they got massive. 2009 dancing in the world's smallest gay club... Literally a man in a box with a disco ball hanging down, whilst Florence played her heart out next to us. 2010 dressing up as a unicorn but losing my trousers in the mud. 2011 getting to hug Ben Howard after a very emotional set at the bandstand on the Sunday night at the same time as our friends were getting engaged up by the hill under the fireworks. 2012 realising just how many awesome songs Stevie wonder wrote as we watched him on the main stage AND I managed to go pee and relocate my friends right in the middle of it all using the flag pin point technique. Blocking out 2013 as I attended with a very toxic person but returning with avengence and my bestie Amy Murray in 2017 and it was oh so epic, especially finally getting to tick JamieT off my wish list. Thank u Bestival for all the memories! I won't even be mad if I don't get this because everyone deserves the chance for some Bestival magic!!

Getting strangers who were going alone to meet and camp together. making our own little solo camp And making amazing friends through doing it. been breathtaken at the cure and just making awesome memories. xxxxxxx Gareth Jones

It doesn’t get much happier than this! We got married officially on the main land in the morning & headed straight to Bestival for the ‘proper’ ceremony with this lot! Was a superb day and the press followed us all weekend.

The underwater theme was apt for Bestival 2008 the rain did not stop our tents floated we were under water mixed in with Mud madness and mermaids. This was our first Bestival it was challenging but it was the year I first fell in love with Bestival and truly experienced the heart of Bestival the wonderful people that make it unique. Singing in the rain with Amy Winehouse was memorable. 🐙😊😊❤️❤️

The best memory I've ever had at bestival has to be diving down the muddy slope on the air bed, the reason for this being my most favourited memory is due to the fact that no matter how bad the weather got we never let it spoil the fun we used it to our advantage and we still made it the best-festival of the summer ❤️❤️❤️

Will Cleal couldn't find a mirror so compromised with some guys sunglasses during Annie Mac at temple whilst waiting for the XX to start!!! Such an amazing experience for our first time at bestival ❤️❤️

In 14 years of Bestival attendance there are a lot of happy memories, but the top one was when David Jones and Lynn Jones got married on the way to Bestival 2014 💘☺️

Last year The ambulance getting stuck on the campervan field and my husband and a few other men...dressed in tutus, glitter face paint and orange suits ( very manly) helped push it all the way out. Was my 1st ever proper festival and i fell in love with bestival. Humanity restored and the lady in the ambulance made it to hospital ❤ xx This memory was followed closely by my 2nd fav of mr blobby at the dj luck and mc neat set.....legend xx

Meeting Jonny Carr at Bestival 2016. He’d met my friends somewhere and came with them to join us at whiz khalifa. We ended up spending the whole weekend bobbing around together checking out acts and chatting about life. After we left we stayed in contact, he persuaded me to go to a gig in Manchester and I visited the north for the first time. I loved the city and the north!! Now I live in Manchester with a whole new life just because of one random Bestival moment...and we’re still mates!

Walking through the enchanted forest and finding the secret rave after seeing a person that had climbed up the trees and was undoing the light bulbs to keep his hands warm then putting them back in and moving on to the next one! I loveee bestival 💕💃🎼

I got with my girlfriend at bestival 2015 - a great year. We decided to come back for our anniversary in 2016. After an awful journey down from Liverpool in which our tyre burst and we had to get a replacement coach, we got there in the dark, and struggled to set up. Hot chip were great. Then it rained and our tent gave way. The whole bestival 2016 journey was full ups and downs. On the final day we were strolling down the hill at the main stage, showhawk duo were on, it was clear skies and the sun was setting, they performed a cover of bohemian rhapsody and it was a real 'leeeets go hooome' and they lived happily ever after moment. (I cried - don't tell anyone) However the night had just begun but we did live happily ever after - at fatboy slim

Managing to sing karaoke not once but twice to the amazing crowd at the new site last year with my daughter before she headed off to Uni for 5 years - will never forget the experience so thank you Bestival 💕💕💕

Last year was mine and my wife Claire Black's first Bestival and it happened to fall on our wedding anniversary. This year the change of date makes it my birthday. Highlight of the weekend was being away with my wife and having fun even tho staying on our feet was difficult due to the weather conditions and in my wife's case the amount of cider consumed. (which wasn't alot 😂) the trees come in handy to keep her upright if I needed to get another Cider or spend a penny 😂

It’s extremely difficult to pick just one happiest moment at Bestival when every moment is pure joy. This last Bestival 2017 I was surrounded by some of the best people I know. We crammed as much as we could into the days and barely slept but it was all worth it for the amazing memories. A couple of my highlights of last year had to be being at the very front for The XX and meeting Rob Da Bank!!! 😱 Andrew Manley Henry Grice Ella Simpson Zofia Gawor 💕🎪🤹‍♀️

Me an my fella got together in bestival 2015, we went to bestival 2016 for our anniversary and it rained so heavy on the first night/morning we woke up in a puddle and had to leave our flooded tent to go buy some towels, we never ended up buying towels but instead i ended up on his shoulders dancing and singing along to the chuckle brothers live in a crowd of about 30 😂 was so hungover and sad about the tent but forgot all about it and danced it off with Barry and Paul, so badly wanted to see them both years and I never would of if it weren’t for the rain!! Good old British weather ☔️ thanks for all the good memories bestival 💚

Walking down this hill on the way in, fixing a water station that had been vandalised and having a group of disheveled party goers chant ‘hero plumber’ to me as they refilled their water bottles. This set the mood for the day for our first ever Bestival! Much love...

Enjoying some late night madness (obviously) in the best place ever, caravanserai. It was the last night and we were all ‘trying’ to participate in some folk line dancing thing in the caravanserai tent (remember how muddy Bestival 2017 was though? Yeah...) only to join arms with the person next to me for what in reality, was less line dance, more getting stuck in the mud in unison whilst linking arms and trying not to spill your beer... who I soon realised I had actually not long seen perform. It was only bloody Issac Holman from Slaves. So we did this line dance thing, saw a few people fall over in the mud in the process, laughed and remembered all the other times we fell over during the weekend, gave up on line dancing and danced normally (as normal as you can for the final night anyway) and chatted to our new mate Issac for a bit secretly hoping we would become real life mates (we didn’t, I probably wasn’t so good at not spilling my beer, or maybe just fan girled too hard, or probably both) and it was all just a weird and wonderful blast. The best way to end the best weekend of the year! Here’s a snap we took because none of our friends would ever believe us if not. ✌️🕺🏻💃🏻

The hammocks in the woods 2013, spent all night bouncing on them, giving people a ride of their lives! Please bring them back. I’ve made the best memories ever at Bestival, it’s one of my fav places in the world. Increase the peace!

We went every year for 12 years since the very first Bestival which is where we started wearing fancy dress every day and everyone else seemed to be into it as well. Every Bestival was spectacular but the best moment was getting married to my lovely husband in 2012, everyone who attended the wedding were people we had just met that day. We only found these photos months later on line, so many unforgettable memories.

My first ever Bestival back in 2011, at the wee age of 19 I met the most lovely, kind and generous couple, I danced, raved and partied with them for the weekend and they even invited me up to Secret Garden party close to where they live the following year. I decided to go for it, having only ever met these two for a few days, they put me up in their house for a couple of days before SGP, fed me, bought me alcohol for the festival and looked after me. They never asked for anything in return and are some of the kindest people I've ever met. All because of Bestival and the amazing people that are there 😊

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Sophia, Christopher, Adam, Viki Behzad x

Yes yes yes! Now hit me with the lineup Mr da Bank. ♥ ✌ 🌈

I do believe I can see myself in this great pic 🤗

You changed the bloody date this year !!!!!! 🙁

Safe as f*ck 😜

Yes and yes 👍🏼

Harry Bartley thought they werent allowed to do this

Ay Naiara 💥💥💥💥

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