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2 days ago

The Blinders

Not long until we embark on a voyage of emancipation with our comrades in CABBAGE.

Here's what happened at our last get-together in Manchester.
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The Blinders - Cabbage Dates


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Ben Grove your in this video bro 🖒😂😂😂

Hey Andrea Roper....I see us on the front row 😀 #barriergirls xx


Sonny BinghamJaymie Bingham

Kyle Chapman

Callum Neal

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5 days ago

The Blinders

after all that's been said and done, the festival circuit comes to an end. a beautiful way to complete the season on the hills at Rec Rock.

we have some life-changing shit going down over the next few months - expect new music, a tour with our comrade counterparts CABBAGE, and a move on up to the infamous platform, which will in turn allow us to perform, create and release our art in it's most prolific sense.

it's going to be different. it's going to be real. it's going to be loud.

thanks. it's been biblical.
love, the blinders.

Flick Of The Finger
Click for HD & Sound!

WHAT AN AMAZING WEEKEND!! Rec Rock Festival 2017 Smashed it! We met some amazing people! Pam, Pete, Anna Jonathan, Rachel, Muury, Wendy, Pizza Pete, Kirk, Sarah, Kelly, Gareth, Christa... far too many to mention but you know who you all and are feel free to tag yourselves and friends! An awesome team effort by all!! Not to mention the a huge shout out to the bands & fans who made our FOTF takeover stage rock!!! No Hot Ashes, mesch:, Blue Nation, TYPES, Sly Antics, Sam Carson, Lucy Davies-wyatt, My Only Solution, James Holt, Gaz Stanley and The Piccadilly Rats, Maybe Frank, Kitty & Matin and Low Orbit as well as the main stage bands The Blinders, CABBAGE, SPACE the Band Official, Plastic House, + many many more... see you all soon guys!!

Shout out also to The Boston Shakers, In Sulks and King Kartel who'll all be on another FOTF Takeover Stage too! Thank you for being cool guys!

Watch out for our full festival review and images coming soon! from Steve Hampson
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Flick Of The Finger


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